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Hi all,

I went to see my doctor regarding some facial hair i have and she is sending me to the hospital next week to have a scan for PCOS. Can anyone else tell me if they had a scan and does it hurt as in the letter i got it said you have to have something inserted into your vagina? I am really not looking forward to this!
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When I had mine (although it was years ago) i didn't have anything inserted and it was just like when you're having a baby and definitely didnt hurt. All you needed was a full bladder.

As I said, it was a long time ago and things may have changed with modern technology.

I'm sure someone who has had it recently will be along soon.


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yes i'm fine thanks, i'm cold but fine!! lol Hope you are too, don't worry about the scan though, I havent heard anyone say its painful
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It's an internal scan... its just a probe (similar to a smear) .. it will only take a sec.. they scan the ovaries.

Its painless and over as soon as it starts..

Best of luck..
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hi was just going to say the same, she tried to do it on top of tummy but as im a bit big :( she had to do in internally which was just like a smear, and you can see on the screen if you do or not. good luck but it does not hurt
I had an ultrasound to diagnose mine. That was only like 2 yearsish ago. I was also told I'd have to have something inserted, but that wasn't the case thankfully! I won't lie, it was uncomfortable and a little painful. But nothing major, just a bit.

Oh, mine might have been painful because I didn't have enough to drink though. The woman said I should have got my bladder fuller.

Good luck, you'll be fine. :)


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Hey flutter, yes went fine thanks for asking :) Wasn't painful at all and the women that did it said she couldn't see anything on the scan to show that i have cysts on my ovaries but i need to call my doctor in about a week to discuss it. Glad that's over with. How are you anyway? How's the weight loss going? I'm on day 4 of the CD today. Feel fine but really don't like having bad breath all the time :( xx
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Hi Echo ;) i have had a internal scan for that yes and it doesnt hurt at all honest,as i was diagnosed with pcos 8/9 years ago,u just lie back on the couch like you do for a smear test and they insert a long instrument that has a camera on the end of it into the vagina,and there is a screen next to you(like there is when you have a baby scan)and it shows weather or not you have any cysts on your ovaries,if you do like i had,they will look like multiple little dark circles surrounding your cysts showing on the screen !,also sometimes they do a scan over your stomache too,i had this done also but they couldnt get a clear view of my ovaries so then they did an internal one,but try not to worry too much as your doctor should tell you everything you need to know,feel free to ask me anything ok,hope you get on ok,tc kerri xx ;)


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Hi Kerri,

Thanks for the message. The scan went fine and doesn't look like i have pcps so that's good. How has it effected you? Hope your well hun xx


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Hey Flutter, i have tried to reply to this thread loads of times but for some reason it didn't go in? Anyway app went well thanks no signs of cysts so that's good. Hope your ok hun xx
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Hi, i'm new to this forum but not new to dieting!!
Got engaged at Christmas so hope that my wedding will give me the motivation i need to lose the weight. (along with your support :))

I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS & have been advised that the low GL diet works best for this.
So far i have found it really difficult as bread, potatoes, rice or pasta seem to be the staple of every recipe i have ever known. if anyone out there has any tips for me i'd be very grateful!!
Thanks xx

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