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Not evil at all
Hey everyone

I asked this in the PCOS section but no one replied.. so I was hoping maybe someone here could help me? I've seen people mention PCOS on threads on here before so thought it was worth a try.

To cut a very long story short, my GP referred me to the hospital as she thinks I have PCOS. I got a call yesterday and have been invited along to the clinic on Wednesday
and I'm wondering what to expect? Will I get a scan, or more blood tests? Will they diagnose me there and then?

Hope someone can help.

Thanks :)
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It depends

They make ultrasound your ovaries to see if you have cysts.

Expect blood tests looking for various hormone levels

They will ask you a history - when was your last period, are they regular, do you have any of the following symptoms hairiness, pattern baldness, acne, central obesity, recurrent miscarriage, difficulty conceiving etc

I dont know if they will diagnose you there and then, it depends who is reviewing you on that day, what results they have from other tests, if you get an ultrasound or not.

I know its an anxious time, but the best thing you can do is not worry. PCOS is a pain in the ass of a condition but its manageable, I'm not saying there aren't times where I dont think "OH WHAT NOW" when I get another new symptom, but the most important thing you can do for it is get weight down, which we're both doing :D (you'll be sick hearing that if you are diagnosed. Weight weight weight)

Theres lots of help available for symptom management too, so dont worry. Just keep on truckin'

Good luck :)


No problem.

I was diagnosed at my doctors when I turned up one day a few years back in tears. Poor man.

"I can't sto...sto...stop eaaaating". A few tests later and we worked out why.

The actual way they diagnose you may vary, so if they dont ask you a history don't panic. It varies from health board to board to be honest.
I had blood tests that showed nothing was wrong, then an ultrasound scan as part of my fertility treatment and it showed up that one ovary was PCOS.

I've since had it done again as we're having more treatment and this time the scan showed up that both are. The sonographer made it sound like the worse thing in the world and that I should give up the thought of having children and then seemed suprised when I broke down in tears! However, my consultant said that it's not much to worry about, it can make conceiving harder because of not ovulating regularly, but Clomid can sometimes sort that out and that's what I'm on now (well, as soon as *week arrives). There is a thread on here about a herbal pill that can help with ovulation but can't remember what it was called. Wish I'd have known about it years ago though.

I think the point I'm trying to make is not to listen too much to the people who do your tests, but listen to your consultant, they got to that position for a reason and they know way way much more.

Also, if you haven't been told to drink lots of water before your appointment then I doubt you'll have a scan (unless it's a down-below one).

Hope this has been of some help. Good luck and let us know how you get on :) xx


Not evil at all
Thanks for your replies girls. I really appreciate them.

To be honest my appointment today revealed nothing, and I actually felt it was a bit of a waste of time. The doc examined me, looked at my skin and arm strength, then spoke about alternative contraception for ages. The pill I'm on is fine, and it's actually helped my periods become regular and lighter. I don't think the doctor quite understood what I wanted out of the appointment. He said "I'm going to see another doctor to ask if we should give you an ultrasound", left me alone in the room for about 10 mins, came back and said the other doctor was too busy to talk... so I never got a scan, but I've to get a blood test done and he's given me a pill to take the night before which should reveal something in the blood results??? I was quite confused by this point, as he kept going on about the implant and injection...

The whole reason I went to my GP in the first place was because I was having panic attacks, depression and serious mood swings - I thought I was going insane, and it wasn't until I mentioned other symptoms I have that my GP said "PCOS" and referred me to the hospital. It took 2 appointments and blood tests before she came up with that tho - at first I was told it was PMDD. I just wanted to know what was wrong with me and basically got a load of info about contraception.

My GP also referred me to an anxiety counsellor, for the moodswings/depression etc, and he has been no help either and basically said my problems were my own fault. Fair enough but some help resolving them would be nice eh.

Sorry guys don't mean to moan about my life, just really disappointed in my visit to the hospital today.:(
Don't worry about moaning, I think in your situation it would be hard to find anyone who didn't! I think a lot of doctors still don't really understand about the PCOS thing, especially if you are not trying to get pregnant.

I can't comment on the anxiety, but maybe you should try and see a different counsellor as surely they can't all be like that? I'd also go back to your GP and explain that you didn't really have any luck with the appointment today and see if she/he can arrange for something else for you? I don't know about the tablet before a blood test, I've never been asked to take one of those but then again maybe that's why it didn't show up in mine.

Whatever happens, keep your chin up and keep smiling hun because eventually things will get sorted for you and if you ever need to have a rant, rave or moan then feel free to post on here - we all help and support one another which is something I think is brilliant about this forum. :) Caz xx

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