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Peanut Crunch Bars


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I think you are only allowed 1 bar a day but hopefully someone will correct me if i`m wrong.
I think there yummy too.


The Diet Guy
Hiya Sarah

Although they are super yummy you can only have 1 a day as believe me 3 a day and you will have a very rumbly tummy!

They have loads of fibre in them and I did have 2 once when i was late for a norwich football game and ended up with wind from the planet windy !!



The Diet Guy
Have you tried the shakes as mousses? I was never a fan of just the shakes but found making them into a mousse made them a treat and not a chore ???

Also have you tried a tetra? If you freeze them they make a lovely ice cream and you can have 2 of them and 1 bar ???



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So that was your tum at the match then icemoose, thought it was thunder x lol


The Diet Guy
Afraid have tried them all! Dont like the mousse or the ice cream!
Would the bars affect my weight loss if I did have 3 a day?

They won't affect your but not sure your tummy would take it! Have a chat with your CDC



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I have had two peanut bars a day for the last 7 days and so far so good. They are absolutely delicious, and I am sure that I am still going to be making regular trips to my CDC years from now to buy these. Yummy! Angela x


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Make sure you drink extra water to make up for the water youre not having in the shakes!
I'm a total bar addict too!!!
They are sooooooo lush, 10/10
The nut crunch on LL was like cat food (not that i've tasted cat food!)
I think i'd do better on a tetra and 2 bars a day (defo peanut), I think it would feel more satisfying so that I feel like I've really eaten something.
I think when I'm more established on CD after my swap from LL, I might experiment with having 2 bars a day and see what the scales say.

Let us know what effect you saw on the scales having 3 bars a day did for you if u decide to do that.

Best wishes

Dawn xx


Cambridge Counsellor
You must also remember that the peanut bars also contain around 40cals more than the sachets/tetras, so, by having 3 a day you'd be adding an extra 120cals to the diet.

Carb/ketosis-wise it is fine to have both of the 'crunch' bars 3 times per day. As i've said though, you'll incur extra calories (incidentally, the cranberry bars only contain 20cals more than the sachets), and, as Mike says, the amount of fibre can cause a windy or upset tummy. On the other hand, if the peanut bars are really the only thing you can stomach (and your stomach isn't upset by them!), then 3 bars a day is better than not doing the diet at all.

On a side note, this advice is not applicable to the other four flavoured bars, as they're too high in carbs to have more than one per day!

Jo x

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