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I all I went to my first meeting on weds and brought the pedometer. I wore it yesterday all day and went for a long walk which was nearly 3 miles and had got 1 activity point when I got back as I had used my day to day steps by doing that. So for the rest of the day I was doing housework and running round after my twins !! then I go to do my lunchtime job at the school so that's a lot of walking around the playground. By the end of the day I had got 7 activity points! Does this sound accurate? I don't think I will eat them just in case its wrong, should I have put it on activity plus to do my walk? Any help would be appreciated thank you.
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The site seems very quiet for some reason, was noticing this myself. Doubt anyone was ignoring you, this is the first chance I got to log on all day.

I don't know anything about the pedometer but with all that activity, it seems very little activity points.
Are you sure it's configured properly and also try attaching it to your sock to it records EVERY movement sometimes on your hip it's very easy to miss....
i've had problems with the internet in general all day today, so i don't think its that's people were ignoring your question but you will find this site is quieter on friday nights and weekends .... as we are all off eating naughty foods and eating up all our weekly's :)

i don't have a WW pedometer so can't help you i'm afraid, i'm still trying to get my head round my pedometer to see if its set up correctly and is counting accurately and i've had it 2 weeks and still not sure, lol ..... so i definitely won't be the right person to say if yours is right, lol :D

I am walking about 3 miles after I have dropped my daughter off at school as extra then the rest is normal activity, I didn't know if should press the plus button for the walk or not? I had walked about 5 miles on Thursday and Friday by the end of the day.
How much is the pedometer?
I got one about 4 weeks ago. I think it's a useful tool. After a while you get an idea of how many points you earn in a typical day. I average about 4-5. Any extra I always get a bit excited about! Sad. Anyhow I use the tracker book and while I note down all the activity points according to the tracker I highlight ones earned at the gym etc. I find it interesting to see how my weight loss corresponds with less points on my pedometer. Does any of this make sense?! X
Went and got my pedometer today, got it setup ok apart from not being sure how to switch it to active mode for other activities, can anyone help me with this please?
Yep when you go through the menu and get to the active bit and it says off in big letters, hold down the arrow key until it starts flashing then press the up and down keys until it gets to level intensity you want and press the arrow again. Hope that makes sense! X

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