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well i did not get weighed as when i turned up at the chemist I was told the woman that does it was not there her car had broken down and the RAC had called her to meet them at the car so i was like ok i wont get weighed but can i have a weeks supply and the boy behind the counter checked with the pharmisist and she was like no i know nothing about it and shrugged her shoulders and walked off .... so i was like how long will she be and he was dont know this was at about 4.45 so i asked if she was in tomorrow and he was yes and the realised it was the weekend and said no grrrhhhh:banghead: so i waited till 5 then gave my friend a desperate call as i know she had some she did not use to see me till monday otherwise i would be screwed. I'm so bloody annoyed it could have ruined everything :badmood:
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OMG i would have been peed off also .. at least you have a buddy you can steal some packs off ...imagine how flipped you would have been if you hadnt, If you had your card to prove you were on LT they could have probably gotten away with giving you at least the weekends worth


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What a Bunch of nonces...they obviously didn't realise how much that could've screwed you over pfft x


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S: 91.0kg C: 91.0kg G: 63.0kg BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0kg(0%)
I did have my card and they still would not budge
Thats what i meant it wasnt astho they were handing over a weeks supply of LT to a newbie who needed the chat etc all you would have missed was getting weighed and you wouldve done that Monday, they could have really caused you to have to spend the weekend eating .. albeit chicken and veg but still not what you wanted to do
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What a pain Mille. As I said earlier, next time you must pop round to me and I'll give you some of mine to tide you over! Another black mark against the place!



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is there another place locally? you could sign up there too and get an extra weeks worth in.

i'd complain about attitude to mgr too, I hate poor service.


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What rubbish, how can pharmacists act that way, totally unprofessional and negligent. I don't know what I'd have done in your position....
Anyway, well done for quick thinking and determination; good on you!
its not good at all, I guess it's like in any job there are always those who will do as little as possible to help, I'm sure there must have been something that could have been done, Seriously I would complain.


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Happened to me once and i just stood in the shop and kicked off until i embarrased them into serving me!! they have your records and can count to 21!!!!1 needless to say after this i changed chemist to a mor competent one xxx glad you got sorted in the end and i will look out for your double wammy wi next week

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