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people are so weird!

Im on day6 now, but went into work and my boss (who was told i was on a diet) said, omg! you need to stop now! you have really gone too far with this.... then another collegue added..worryingly, yeah you really have, your shoulders r way smaller.

im on day 6! how far could i have got! i would say my trousers r slightly looser but nothing at all noticable.. why do people behave so strangely when they hear about LT?
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hi, yeah people are weird! unfortunatly my husband is one of those very people who thinks he's a comedian! i'm 16-3 and he told me to start dodging about in the shower coz ill miss the water coz i was getting so skinny!
just wait till you see their faces when you reach target and are a total bomb at the next works do!:)
ooh cant wait for tht lol
People are such a pain aren't they! One person who said that to me got the reply, "I'm still obese so have a long way to go yet!" It sounds as if, like me, your weight is going from your face and shoulders first so it looks more imprssive!

Ignore them hun.

Missy3, here in Liverpool we have an expression "You'll see the day of them"
It means, keep going and eventually you'll triumph and they'll be sorry then.
Well I think you'll certainly see the day of them, so don't worry!
The problem lies with them, not you!! xx
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Laugh in the face of food
I totally agree with you missy, I've been doing Cambridge for only 3 weeks and one of my work colleagues told me I should seriously think about eating again because I look gaunt... Seriously??? I look anything but gaunt, I've lost weight off my face, but it's certainly not gaunt, and I don't ever intend it to be. I wish these people would just mind their own business, my counsellor they're just jealous because we're losing weight and are becoming a threat to them lol.:D
Its something they dont understand so of course it is obviously wrong :)
People are the weirdest creatures they are great.
You keep at it hun & when they are jealous & staring at a more slender you ya can laugh.
Good luck with it hun
I so know this feeling! I am just under 16 stone and people just keep trying to get me to eat, drink and be merry...they would agree that I should lose weight...but refuse food? I must be mad!


a new way of living!
rant warning!!

ggrrrr, this realy gets me.

Like there is something wrong with being healthy??

I think people are so used to seeing fat people, they have forgotton what slim and healthy looks like.

what we consider as slim in day to day life is really healthy, what looks overweight is nearly always obese or close to it, and what looks like very fat or obese is prob morbidly obese.

why do people think that losing weight will kill us, when in fact there are more deaths caused by heart disease, strokes, diabeties etc that we were all proned to as fat/obese people?

in fact there is a study i read somewhere that if you are 10lbs below your ideal weight you live up to 5 years longer!

I think my level is 8st 8lbs for longevity, which puts my bmi about 22.
consider also that we will gain weight as we get older (usually) then bmi of 22 sounds healthy, so an elderly bmi of 25 will also be healthy, sustainable, and your body has a reserve of fuel in case of illness.

people just cant be bothered to educate themselves, they would rather have TV style drama and shock tacticts than real information. I guess the truth is boring. most people are fat, and being slim is becoming an annomaly.

we may also be pushing peoples comfort zones, oh if she has done it it means i should, but i dont want to be bothered to work at it so i'll slag her off instead.


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