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People's attitudes to fatties like me

I dont know if I should be posting here but want to know if any of you have experienced this or am I just being paranoid. Ive put on alot of weight in last few months and can see how people's attitudes have changed towards me already. I get the up and down look that says ''She's left herself go, whats happened to her?'' Or ''Fat lazy cow, if she exercised she wouldnt have got so fat'' Am I imagining all this or perhaps is it just a reflection of how I feel about myself? Or is there validity in what I'm saying?
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no people do seem to think they have a right to tell you that youv put weight on, dont exactly know y they think this tbh..... i have it all the time, especially since i lost 4 stone previously on LT, and put some of it back on this is a green light 4 these type of people, just ignore them hun, theyv obviously got something missing from their own lives xx
Thank you for making me realise Im not totally paranoid. People can be cruel but Im a bit sensitive, need to get over worrying about what people think of me. By the way you look very good in your photo and it looks like you dont have much weight to lose. I wish I was at your point now. Have just been talking to my brother about weight and he said I should just get up off my ass and get walking and he thinks shake diets are dangerous and rots your stomach. He doesnt realise the complicated issues I have with food and my weight, would feel like a fat cow walking the roads right now. My Mom thinks its having no get up and go but I feel so bad now, I can hardly face going outside. Im hoping and praying things go well for me this time so I can prove it to myself more so but also to all my critics.

Thanks again for your kind words. I know Ive been rambling again but preparing myself for getting my first weeks supply on Thursday. All the best to you, you'll do great!!x
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Hi candyfloss,

You are not imagining things!! People do think things and say things.. They don't realise how much it hurts to hear the things they say!! My bf sometimes says things like 'Woah she's massive!!' And when I look at who hes speaking about and see they aren't that overweight I think what are do you think about me ??

:eek:I'm ashamed to say that I sometimes find myself looking at other people bigger than myself and thinking 'Blimey she's big!!' and occasionally I will say to my bf 'If i ever get that big let me know!!' Immediately I feel bad after thinking or saying things!!

And I also know what you mean about not having support at home.. I don't have anybody that thinks this is healthy or good for me but I've finally reaslised I don't need their acceptance I wanna lose weight for me! And also my little boy who would love to go swimming but I feel I'm too big to take him..

Goodluck and take care xx
Hi, thanks for your message, it seems I havent imagined peoples perceptions entirely. People need to mind their own business. I hope we all prove it to ourselves and to the begrudgers that we can do this. All the best to you and remember youre not alone, everyone here is in the same boat, and theres great advice and support here whenever you need it. All the best and thanks again for your message. x
ty candy about my pic, but that was taken of me when i reached my goal weight last time i was on LT< i dont look like that now lol, but hey wer on a journey here, you sound really down in the dumps about urself, and i know how that feels but unlike u i had a really supportive husband last time round, and hes just as supportive of me now.... the thing is any diet can be dangerous if not done right, make sure u go on the LT website and read up on everything, so when someone comes at you with a negative comment youl have something to give back, thats what i did and it soon shut em up....... and youv always got us on here as a little extra support, i come on most nights to check in so your not on your own hun xxx GOOD LUCK for thursday xxx
Hi Claire,
Thanks again for trying to encourage me and I know you'll get the weightloss you want again as you have done it before and yes, you do look great in your pic and you will again. The begrudgers in your life commenting on your weightgain are just jealous and trying to keep you down, I bet you still look good and theyre afraid of you just looking better. From what I know of you from your words to me is that you have a beautiful spirit and no one can take that from you no matter what your weight.

I am divorced a long time now and have no significant other, the lonliness does cause me to overeat but Ive a beautiful son so I need to do this for him too. My family are good people but they just dont agree with VLCD approach. However, Ive been reading the psychological stuff on this site, just discovered it and Im going to look to that as well as all the supportive people on here for inspiration.

May I also add that the people commenting on your weight gain are also probably aware that you have such a supportive husband and begrudge that too. Not many people have that so think of that when going gets tough and no matter what your size, you know your husband loves you. I hope they are words of encouragement for you because your kind words have given me encouragement. All the best and Ill let you know how I get on Thursday, be great to hear your updates too. You have a friend here and stuff the begrudgers. xx

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