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peoples opinions

I have my packs all ready to start tomorrow but I am fed up with everybodies opinions about the diet. All the people around me apart from my mum who is supportive have said I'm crazy doing this diet and I will never stick to it. And it has delayed me starting this diet. I have been wanting to start for a couple of weeks. I was suppose to start last Friday but have been put off by everybodies comments. I started to believe them and thought they are right I will just do weightwatchers like they told me to do. Maybe they are right and exante won't be the diet for me but I won't know until I try. I know this is a tough diet and need willpower of steel but I have been Reading all your inspirational stories on here and hoping I can do this. I know the first week is the hardest until you get ketosis but I wish I had everybodies encouragement instead of them telling me what a bad diet this is. So I'm defo starting tomorrow to hell with peoples opinions and I hope to prove them wrong.
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Take know notice about what people have got to say about you starting the diet..!

nobody knows im doing vlcd apart from my mummy and that's the way it's staying.! x
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People are often intimidated by things they don't understand and remember they would of read all the horror stories in the papers, seen all the "anit VLCD" shows on the tv. Some may even be scared of YOU changing. You are "safe" how you are, they know you, they know what to expect from you. Something like this is a big change and some are wary of change and what to expect.

I know myself I would get the knowing looks of people if they knew, I would have a few that would say "Oh I saw this thing on tv and this girl lost 600 stone and put it all back on in a week..!!" etc...To me that is not supportive, so they don't get a chance to say c!ap like that as I just don't tell them.

Yes we MAY put it back on, yes SOME people DO put the weight back on. BUT not everyone does! The diet does NOT put the weight back on, the person does!

If I get asked, I say I am doing "low calorie" I get many approving nods then?! Its hard to keep it to yourself when you share a house with lots of others but if I was you I would just nod and agree with them and then go ahead anyway! I would use their doubting words and disproving glances as FUEL! I would totally feed of the doom and gloom and succeed in this diet if for nothing else but to make a point! ;)

Good luck! x


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I know but when u think how drastic it sounds it does get people worrying for your health...i used to be dead against diets like this until i saw resilts of LL on a friend and really read up loads about ketogenic diets but it took a while to convince me and believe it could work and was SAFE! It's impossible to explain these details over and over to everyone so now I'm going down the route of "yeah I know I'm crazy but only giving it a go, if it doesnt work I'll stop!" but obviously thinking to myself "you wait and see!" Lol! X
I don't blame you shanny. I should have known better. Thanks I need all the encouragement I can get. I'm not telling them anymore. I will just let them believe I'm doing conventional diet. But it has knocked my confidence. Thanks shanny :)
I don't blame you shanny. I should have known better. Thanks I need all the encouragement I can get. I'm not telling them anymore. I will just let them believe I'm doing conventional diet. But it has knocked my confidence. Thanks shanny :)
Your confidence will soon change hun, honestly once you start the diet and you see the weight dropping off you.. you will soon be feeling better.

have a read of peoples diaries.. and see for yourself.!! there are many stories that will give you the boost you need, ! (look out for starlights diary.!

glad to hear your mummy is supportive too.!

big hugs and good luck with your weightloss, 'you can do it'!

exante is a diet that make's dreams come true.. good luck xx
That's right vlcds always get a bad write up. Thanks for the support. Summer rain and hjc7 you are both right. I shoul have known better than to tell anyone. I really want to do this and I know what im doing I have been reading peoples stories on here and I have read success stories on web. And on here. I have chosen to lose weight this way. We all have choices and that is what I shall tell myself when I'm having a bad day. Thanks for your support and keep up the good work :)


I will never give up
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people are always gonna have their doubts i just wouldnt mention it again to them and just start you could always say that you are allowed to eat a healty meal a day like with working solution just to shut them up.
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If it's something you really want to do for you then other people's opinion's don't matter... you can do it & if you keep telling yourself that you dont need other peoples opinions. (O: Prove them wrong! x

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