Pep talk needed...I'm on self destruct.

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by ChubLock, 8 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. ChubLock

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    I NEED to pick up a tracker at tomorrow's WI tomorrow. I have been dreadfully AWFUL and I feel like jacking it in but I'm still so massive so I just cannot do that to myself.

    I know I will gain or stay the same tomorrow and can't help but get disheartened so I've gone and eaten so much crap over the last few days.

    The end goal just seems so far away and unobtainable that I'm losing faith. I've only been going 7/8 weeks and I HAVE lost 15lb but the only place I've noticed it so far is my beloved boobs :(

    So what I need is a kick up the proverbial backside and you guys to tell me what a fool I'm being.

    I just didn't realise how hard this would be. I feel so hungry all the time...It's rubbish.
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  3. sonban

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    Aww I am so sorry your feeling bad I have just gone through exactly what you have said but on Slimming World. I started at 20 stone and got down to 15 stone 6 Lbs in 6 months then from xmas I just completly went off track and since then I have managed to go and put 2 and a half stone back on. It is so disheartening when you still have so much to lose. This is why I have now decided enough is enough and a change is needed hense me starting Weight Watchers.

    Do you think it could be a change you need like maybe give SW a go see what you think.
  4. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    The good news is that you have lost 15 lb and alright you may gain or stay the same tomorrow but at least you'll have something to build on. And I can't manage without a tracker but you could buy a little book and use that instead.

    Good luck

    Irene xx
  5. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    Good luck for your WI tomorrow.
    Are you doing points or core? perhaps you couldswitch to the other to help combat how you are feeling?
    Hope it all goes ok :)
  6. charliegirl

    charliegirl Silver Member

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    Keep remembering the 15lb you have already lost, grab a few trackers next time, I always used to get a few in case I made a mess on one. I know there is a phsycological feeling when you have a proper tracker and not just written on any piece of paper. What's done is done, just dont let it beat you, get back in the saddle so to speak and carry on, everyone has bad times with diets and those that say that dont our not telling the truth, let us know how you get on and remember its not the end of the world just the end of a week, then start again....Linda xx
  7. Gemma1986

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    Hey hun,
    keep going,i dont the same as you a few weeks ago and now i have put on quiet a bit and feel rubbish and going back to a new class tonight ,keep in there hun x
  8. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate Gold Member

    Slimming World
    Draw a line under what you've eaten and start again from fresh. if you need it then give yourself a couple of days off before you start again to get it out of your system. If you're anything like me then I'll give up from a diet, eat all the stuff i'd missed, then undo all the good work i'd done and start again from scratch a few months later - but if i'd just had a couple of days off and then got back on track I would've been so much better!!!! I have learnt my lesson now, but only after years of yo-yoing!
  9. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Hi hon. You shouldn't be hungry. If you are, it's no wonder you feel like jacking it in! What sort of things are you eating?
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