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Pep talk please


Shut up Ethel
I have lost (according to my own scales) 29lb since I started CD in mid June.

I have gone from a comfortable 20 to a just-about-in-a-16.

It is noticeable that I've lost weight, in all sorts of ways, for example today I had to shorten my bra straps to their shortest possible length as all bras seem to suddenly have got too big. I get nice comments.

I feel like I've done well but I sometimes notice people's tickers/signatures/stats and realise that in the same, or less, time as me they've lost far, far FAR more weight. Or there's a big difference in dress size at the same weight.

I get jealous, sorry but I do, seriously green eyed, and annoyed with myself, as I know I've fallen off plan a couple of times which has had an effect on my losses. Then I think oh sod it I shall have some toast because I am clearly not cut out to be as hardcore as required on this bloody diet. Then I hate the diet. Then I wish I had willpower. Then I stare at the toaster for ages and get sad.

How can I be less miserable about this? Please, pep talk, I hate being jealous and grumpy.

(I don't begrudge anyone anything, of course, and am honestly glad that people get great results in their diets, I just don't know why I can't do it like they do)
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2 stone and 1 pound is an amazing loss in 6 weeks, thats more than the CD average! You are averaging 4.8lbs a week! it's only natural to compare yourself to others, its what we do. You are doing really really well, now stop complaining and JFDI! xx
you sound the same as me but your weeks behind me so your doing great
I was a size 20 and now just into the 16's

the diet is hard but look at the results that it has given you don't eat the toast you will regret it so keep plodding on like we all are and you will be at goal before you know it


WILL be Slim!
slap slap slap!!!
that was me trying to get you out of your sad mood hun!

Step away from the damn toaster as well...!!!

You are doing AMAZING hun, you say you have blipped, and yet you have lost nearly 2 stone....what's not to be thrilled about!
Dont beat yourself up over the blips hun, they are in the past and that is where they belong!
Only ONE person can control your weight loss hun, thats you! So draw a line under the last 6 weeks, and promise yourself that you will be 100% from here on in!!! Give yourself a target to be 100% for the whole month of august....and stick with it!
Get photo's put up round the house, pics of dresses you want to get into, etc, anything that will potentially keep you on track!

and finally, stop being so hard on yourself! People lose weight at different rates, and there will be people out there eyeing up your losses with the same jealousy and envy that you have for others hun so dont feel like your the only one :D

You've lost a very good amount of weight since mid June!

Ive been ss'ing since mid may..and lost 33 pounds....so..if you wanna be picky, you've lost more than me! and ive been 100%!!! (pre holiday)

Keep up the good work ;)


Shut up Ethel
Thanks all. I am suitably chastened and shall proceed to JFDI and stop moaning. Just feeling a bit low right now.


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Aww Liz, I have to admit, I have been green eyed looking at the stats myself but each and every person is different... We have different body shapes, different muscle mass etc so we lose weight at different rates. Don't beat yourself up, the weeks pass much quicker than you think and before you know it you will be at goal and other people will be looking at your stats and signature with green eyes...

Toast ffs - surely chocolate's the thing to crave pmsl!!! :) xx
I crave toast more than anything else so i feel your pain
CD is the owrst diet in the worldfor making you feel isolated, it is truly awful. But you know why you're doing this, and you will feel such an incredible high when you get there. Keep plugging away, and the results will show more and more. You can see an amazing difference in your photos, that is something to be so proud of :)


Shut up Ethel
Toast ffs - surely chocolate's the thing to crave pmsl!!! :) xx
God, yes, toast. I am the Toast Queen. I could live on toast, well 'stuff on toast'. I've even (drunkenly) worked up a business idea for a Proper Toast Shop to help people like me. Doorstep white bread, butter, marmite.....yum.

I used to rant at the cafe manager at work because their idea of toast was some floppy nasty cheap bread waved vaguely at a heat source from the other side of the kitchen, with a scrape of butter and three tons of marmite despite asking for 'just a tiny bit'. (The cafe is closed now. This is A Good Thing because despite hating their toast I still ate it).

Chocolate - I can take or leave - they could ban it tomorrow and I wouldn't care. Then again I do live on chocolate milkshake!

sorry that turned into a Toast Appreciation Society promotion, didn't it
I craved chicken salad for a long time!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Lol lol and lol some more! :)

I'm wheat intolerent so haven't had toast for ages, chocolate however, erm well OH brought me a tiny aero earlier and it was 95 calories of yumminess :blush:
Hi Hun, don't get down ! I have lost only 3lbs more than you in the same time, probably because I had a huge bout of diahorrea !!!!

We are basically the same, I started at 208, so come on, we can do this together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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