Peppermint Tea


I start LL on 17th, hopefully, and I just wondered can you have Peppermint Tea or is it just black coffee or tea and water:)
You can have Peppermint tea as I use it sometimes in the chocolate drink.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini that will make it alot easier as I like drinking peppermint tea but am not too keen on black tea or coffee.
:) Peppermint tea is my saviour! If I'm feel like having something in between the packs other than water I have peppermint tea. It keeps me going. In fact I keep a flask of it with me for when I'm out. I am going to try it mixed with the chocolate pack too, to have minty hot choc!
I make up a huge pot of strong peppermint tea and then keep in the fridge to make up chocolate shakes. You then get a really nice ice-cold mint-choc shake. It actually tastes quite luxurious and yummy!