perception of self image?


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No you're not being silly! I always saw myself as a frumpy middle aged woman (lately) Now I wear sexy bras, ok no one sees them, but I know they're there and I have a secret smile!


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i didnt get to read this before you deleted, but I know I am currently heading for a mid life crisis ( feel like I am stood on the edge of it right now but slowly being sucked into the eye of the storm) and my perception of myself is all over the place.. its horrid and very unsettling! would be nice to know that I am not the only one :)


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Thanks guys..

No your deffinatly not alone,
my problem is i never dealt with the emotional side of things when i began loosing weight, i only focused on the weight, so now im at T, im all confused.

People comment all the time on how i look so small, and although im really happy and comfortable with my body now, i do not concider myself small in any form, but then the other day i over heard some stranger - a bloke.- call me fat.

Somtimes i just wander if i see myself differently to how others do?
- like when you see someone who looks like they got dressed in the dark, but they think they look amazing, and you wonder what it is they see looking back in the mirror that would make them think that? like do you see somthing different? - am i smaller than what i think? am i bigger.. do i dress okay? lol

I just feel really confused. I wish someone had told me to pay a little more attention to me, instead of just the wieght loss when i began sw. I am very happy now, but it always lingers in the back of my mind and i just wish id dealt with it sooner..

((hugs)) to everyone back. x


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The thing is that everyone, even skinny people that have always been skinny, have body and image issues. Well most do, and the ones that don't don't tend to be nice people. I do think when you have been big, it is very, very difficult to see yourself as anything but. In the same way as you can see the ones that have grown over the years, but still see what they always ahve in the mirror. Still have the mind set and the wardrobe of a slim person. I saw the pics of you in your NYE outfit, and you looked amazing!! Absolutely amazing!!You are happy. Your OH is happy. Those close to you think you look fantastic. And I bet so does everyone else. Do not worry. If all fails, a bit of counselling may not go amiss.



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Come on Ferni, you aren't on your own here, we all have issues to deal with. Being large and hiding up corners, being slim and hiding up corners, don't like this bit, don't like that bit, its normal for most of us to be like that. We can all be too critical of ourselves for our own good and it serves no purpose other than to put pressure on us and give us something else to bother about. You look fantastic, are a lovely warm, loving young lady, you have a fabulous o/h, friends who think a lot about you, and I know you are proud of your achievments. It matters not what anybody else thinks about you or yours honey, only what you think, and with all the positives you have in your life you should be feeling wonderful and not have any doubts at all about yourself. Hold your head high Fern, walk with purpose and tell the world you are a somebody who is fabulous. I definately think you are. xxxxxx


Fern from your posts it's evident you are a really nice person and always have a kind word for everyone. Also from your photos you look really good too. Everyone has self doubts - just look at any womans magazine. Even Cheryl Cole has doubts about how she looks. It's just part of been human sadly.


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Thanks guys. I think i know all this deep down, its just nice to have others who really understand to tell me it too. My oh is fab but just doesnt understand at all. - as he sits and eats sweets.. humpf lol

hugs coming back to all of you. I really appreciate you guys, always there to help. xxx


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self esteem is such a hard one to tackle.... Im trying to work on mine this year starting out with trying to make each day count .. not letting one day pass without doing something for me.. even if its only something really tiny. Today I learne how to crochet :)
Im keeping a blog of it all so that in a few months time I can look back and see what progress I am making.
You can travel a long way by taking little steps :)