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Period TMI, but does it change?!


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ive been on cambridge for 6 weeks tomorrow and i have been on my period for 5 of those weeks, so it really does mess your periods up!!


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CD defo messes 'em up I've been 1 week on 1 week off & period pains have been terrible! Going to doc's weds about it as I can't put up with that on hols!! x


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S: 20st7lb C: 17st6lb G: 15st7lb Loss: 3st1lb(14.98%)
Yep will do x


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I don't know what it is about CD but it does seem to mess with periods.

I did LL last year for three complete months with no period problems whatsoever. After only two weeks on CD I could see that my periods were going to pose problems - I had three spells of bleeding over one 30 day cycle!!

I have asked on here if anyone knows why this is but no response.

I am glad that I don't have to stay on SS for much longer as I must say that an irregular cycle over any extended period of time would be a real deal-breaker for me.


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Strike me down if I am wrong here but it only seems to effect your peiods if you are using some form of contraception. From what I have read on here lots of people have all sorts of problems and it is quite common when on CD.
Think I have been lucky myself. I am not using any contraception and my periods have been bang on time and even lighter than normal. Dont know whether its because of the diet or the 2 1/2 lost?
Hope you manage to get sorted out before your hols :)


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im not on pill!
xKimmi, what are your periods normally like (pre CD) and were you regular? There is no doubt that low carb and VLCDs interfere with some people's normal cycle and the effect seems to be worse for those on some form of contraception. However it would seem that for most people, this interference takes the form of more frequent/constant bleeding. This usually settles within 3 months or so. Interestingly, CD seems to affect periods more than LLife does, this does not make any logical sense to me as a health professional as the pack nutritional make-up seem very similar. It could just be that the CD forum on here gets more posters than the LL forum.
It would be logical to check for pregnancy xKimmi if there is ANY chance of that (especially as your fertility increases as you lose weight).



going to do it this time!
Hiya babycakes!! my period was a bit all over the place to begin with.. but its sorted itself out now :):) x


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i'm on pill and i came on a couple of days before pack finished... but this month don't think it has affected me... fingers crossed anyway cos i am at the wedding on saturday and don't want it then
My totm has really affected my weight loss this week... plus i've stood on the scales since friday and still haven't lost any weight... thinking of giving it up to be honest :cry:


going to do it this time!
Donttttt give the diet up!! Don't be a quitter.. just because you didn't see any weight loss 1 week doesnt mean you won't next week!!
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well, i was due yesterday and still no sign today. no point in testing for me until after waiting 3 days. however, i got mine early last time so it could just be balancing out.... who knows.

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