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personal question please help

Any change in dietary habits is likely to affect digestion, etc.

If you are eating more vegetables and fruit than you were previously used to, then that could account for it.

It should settle down soon.
:break_diet:Abit personal but does anyone else on slimming world find themselves going toilet alot more??
i am concerned cos its now 4 times a day and some time its not very firm... sorry if too much info just need to ask:mad::cry:
Tell me ur secret .....Ive got the opposite problem, Im lucky to go once at the mo :cry:dont think Im drinking enough water maybe?
Lol!! Don't worry, there are plenty of us who have experienced changes in routine since starting, either by getting totally bunged up or going way more often. I've been doing a week of scanbran this week and my goodness that stuff is good at clearing you out!!

Make sure you are taking in plenty of water, and don't worry about it unless it becomes a problem. Your diet has changed and your system is adjusting. If you are eating more than you used to, that can have an effect too, more in = more out!


likes to eat!
sorry to hear you are suffering, but like the others say it is a bit of a shock to the system.

I am the other way, get totally bunged up, and sometimes have to take senna tablets to help me go :eek:

Things will settle down soon xx


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i suffer with loose movement if i eat dairy , i am going loads compared to before slimming world, altho i am eating alot of fruit, do u think pasta and rice would help
There was a time when I was a few times a day person but more recently I have been a regular once each morning person but, in the last few weeks this has changed and I now dont always go each day.


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dear god i wish i had your problem, im the same as Emmbi and constantlydizzy - when i finally go i reckon i will lost about 3 stone!!!!
( i wish!!!) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Gosh I'm the same, I can go 5 or 6 times a day and it's always loose - think it's the high fibre diet and all the fruit and veg.
Ok guys this is why you are going more often; your eating much more fruit and veg (which is fibre and good for you) but not enough dietary fibre such as oats whole bread/rice/pasta so the stool isn't being filled so it makes them loose! It perfectly normal and nothing at all to worry about in fact it's good as you body is metabolising food quicker as it's become a fat burning machine!!!! Ha ha lesson over!


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but i just want a firm poo, id love to go a day without sitting on the toilet
I don't have that problem yet anyway, but I do find I have to pee much more through night, like 5 or 6 times!! And it's not because I'm drinking any more fluids than usual. Go figure??!!
Agree with Ally7997.

Also most people don't go anywhere near as much as they should (not saying they can help it). I once watched a tv prog about it for uni.......was kinda gross and fascinating all at the same time.
LOL this has given me the best laugh....i know it's not supposed to be funny but it's all so familiar and no one ever talks about the down sides of SW so THANK YOU Debtdummy, you have made my day :)
P.S im a malteser lady too!!!


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I have some weeks where i only 'go' twice....shocking stuff....although through no actual change in my diet, the last few weeks i have been more regular - but never more than once a day!



Wishing and hoping!
I have to take tablets as I suffer badly with constipation - I aint had a poo for 5 days and it is extremely uncomfortable with very bad backache, bloadded and windy belly not very nice. I have booked an appointment as I think my constipation is down to stress as I eay fibre, fruit etc and nothing just constant blockage!

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