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Hey! Really new here and I'm really after some help!

I've been at slimming world for two and a half weeks now - loving it and really finding it easy to stick to - but I haven't weighed yet apart from the first day. I've stuck to plan 100% and also ran three/four times a week (couch to 5k) and played badminton for an hour once a week.

The truth is is that I'm scared to weigh myself?! I feel so much different and feel like I've lost but I'm so scared of getting on the scales and not!!

Does anyone else get this?? And what do you do??

Thank you!!! Xx
Hi! Welcome to the forum too :D

I say more credit to you if you haven't weighed yourself. A lot of us, including me, are guilty of getting a bit too obsessed about the number on the black box, and people have weeks where they've stuck to plan as usual and for whatever reason the scales don't show it. If you're feeling better in yourself already, that's fantastic! And if you think standing on the scales at this stage may disappoint you and throw you off plan, then I'd say just keep doing what you're doing, because it's obviously working!

If you don't like the scales, I'd also recommend taking body measurements. There's someone in my group for who up until recently, the scales had gone down by 7lbs over several months which she was disappointed with, but she'd lost a lot of inches.

It entirely comes down to what you feel keeps you on track. I personally think a mix of body measurements, scales, and general awareness of fitness levels are good measurements. If you're disappointed with the number on the scales, you will at least know that plan is working if you're losing inches. You could weigh yourself every few weeks instead of every week if that's something you're more comfortable with.

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for your words that really means a lot!!

I'm afraid just over 2 weeks of curiosity got the better of me... but 6lb are gone forever!! Yippee!!