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Personal Trainers Who has used one ???

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Hey kittykat, I think you most def get the results with a trainer, although the sessions are expensive, alot of hard work goes into them to ensure you get the best results possible.

If you can afford them, then I would keep it up, the motivation you'll have alone is worth paying for :) good luck Hun x
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he is a tall lanky aussie nothing special lol he is taking by boxing/ kickboxing class tonight though


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i tried a personal trainer and it was good but i felt i needed to do it at least twice a week to get any effect and i just couldn't afford it : (


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A personal trainer is BRILLIANT. Mine pushes me more than I'd ever do myself and its just enough to keep me going. I get a half hour session once a week for £15 each time..it adds up! But its very important as they teach you the proper method for different exercises (especially with weights) and give you lots of examples if you are the kind of person who wanders around a gym not really sure what to do, ending up on a treadmill for half an hour and feeling really bored.

I've had a few 1 hour sessions before and managed to burn around 900 calories :)
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I love my personal trainer! I am old enough to be his mother yet I always do what he says!

He is ex-army and very tough. I pay £25 per hour session and I usually pay 4 wks at a time.

I tend to do weight training more that cardio (I hate cardio!) so I am losing inches rather than weight but hopefully that will change soon.

You definitely work harder with a trainer.


I can haz cake?
S: 280lb C: 249.0lb G: 208.5lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 31lb(11.07%)
You definitely work harder with a trainer.
100% true.

My polar heart rate monitor tells me how many calories that I'm burning per session. An hours training with my p.trainer I get no less than 750 calories...(mostly nearer 900) and on a session by myself I have an immense struggle to hit 300...

Definitely worth a session every now and then because it really makes the difference!
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I never used a personal trainer...LOL can't afford it. But I'm sure they are great to help motivate people.
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I have two hour sessions weekly over ten weeks, and have a break for easter then another 10 weeks of 2 sessions, then a break for summer holidays then another 10 weeks of 2 sessions september thru to november ready for xmas. I was on CD and my weight went down from 19stone4 to 17stone1 I am now 16stone9 but have lost inches and can see my arms and skin toning up. I have a goal to get running but atm am not fit enough so having a personal trainer push you that little bit extra every week helps build up your fitness. It is worth every penny esp if your trainer is also a good friend and he gives you a discount!! ;)

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