Phobia's - Fear of flying!


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I have a huge completely irrational fear of flying. (To be honest it's more a fear of death rather than the flying part)

Up until last year it copmpletely stopped me from going on holiday or flying with my job (I often used to make a 6 hour car journey rather than an hour in the air) :eek:

Since I met my BF I've flown alone to see him and now he's moved here we fly once or twice a month back home to see his family.

But things never seem to get any easier. I used to knock back a large whiskey or two :eek: before boarding but since starting the diet I've not been able to.

I shake, perspire, panic and cry - sounds pathetic when you consider I'm 30 years old and should be able to cope with this.

We're flying later tonight, and already I have a sick feeling inside thinking about it. :(

I've considered taking a course, but because it's more about fear of death, I'm not sure it will help.

Does anyone have any experience of conquering phobias such as these?

Kitty xxx
Hi Kitty
I can completley relate to your post . I am exactly the same . I had a phobia about dying for a few years and in the end I went for counselling . I wouldnt say Im completely cured but I am a lot better and last year I flew twice after years of having holidays in France. My doctor prescribed me with some very mild tablets to keep me calm as I am still terrified about flying. I just took 2 before I flew and it just took the edge off my fear so I wasnt cryng and hyper ventilating.I also used to knock back a couple of stiff drinks too but now Im on LL I dont know what to do. I will still take the tablets but cannot imagine getting on the plane without having a drink as well. We are flying to Brussels 2 weeks today and I cant stop thinking about it. I have heard the courses are very effective however. Manchester airport do a very good one . I might have to do one eventually as I cant keep worrying about what is supposed to be a lovely weekend away !!!:(
Kitty... i reckon I have the worst fear of flying known to man.

I developed it, inconveniently, whilst I was living in Japan. I was unable to fly home and came home, from Japan, overland. It took me 3 weeks!

Since then I've had 3 hypnotherapists. 2 courses of CBT. I did the BA fear of flying programme. I went through a phase of "practising" with short internal flights. I also lost a job due to this as my speciality is languages and I was working as a TV producer on my return and was unable to fly overseas to film. :(

The only thing that has helped me is a prescription from the doctor for valium and betablockers. She also recommended a couple of G&Ts after the pills (just a couple though.. don't want to kill yourself!) Now I can at least get on the plane - although I do still lose it occasionally. However, it doesn't help me too much with the pre-flight nerves which get very bad indeed.

However, in the past, at my worst, I have been physically restrained after thrashing about wanting to get out of my seat on take-off and screaming "we're all going to die"... :D

It's been 6 years now and I think I'm a little better.

Go, see your doctor. I'd rather not have to resort to drugs.. but frankly it's not like I fly every day.
Hi Kitty

Will send you a PM....
Thank you for the replies and the PM's (((hugs)))
I'm definitely going to look into finding a way to crack this.
I'm terrified, my BF has gone for his driving lesson, when he gets back we have to leave for the airport and are flying at 9:15.
It's literally just an hour in the air but I won't be able to relax again now until we are though the arrivals gate in Newcastle.

I've already got some valium, I got some the last time I flew as it was the first time I've flown since starting the diet.
The thing thats panicing me more today is the weather - it's blustery and rainy here this evening.

Think about me between 9:15 and 10:15 - I need some positive vibes :)
Thinking about you tonight.... Kitty the betablockers in conjunction with the valium does help too.. you take them in advance and they take the edge off the pre-flight anxiety.

When you're no longer ss-ing I can also highly recommend Bach's Rescue Remedy which comes in liquid and spray form. They really work for me and lots of other people I know.
I have a chronic fear of spiders... i have tried it all and about 50% conquered at the moment thanks to the London Zoo and hypnotherapy...

Maybe for the future you could look into it

its no fun being fun at all