Photos, 5 stone down, 5 to go!


I little while back I posted a thread about how much better my holiday in Cyprus was than my holiday in Rome, as i'd lost 5 stone and am 1/2 way to goal

Someone asked me to post some pics, so here they are !
(im not very technical, so please let me know if the link does not work)
think i posted i reply about this in another forum, but well done, you look brill and the difference in you is amazing! keep up the good work!
You are looking great!

The confidence shines through in the later photos.!!

I just read through your post about the seat belt and the fears you explain are so true. I love to go on holidays but, I worry for weeks in advance and ended up binging because of the worry.

Had to ask for the 'fat girls belt' (extension belt!) last time I went to India in April and I am determined not to ever do that again.
Reading through your description of how it is on holiday is so true for a lot of us, I am sure. Well done on your amazing weight loss.

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Congratulations hun you look absolutely amazing as you are, so will be stunning when the other 5 stone are off.

Keep up the good work
It's not just the difference in size that shines through in the photos, it's the whole change in how you cary yourself too :D