Photos- 5 Stone lost, 5 to go !


I little while back I posted a thread about how much better my holiday in Cyprus was than my holiday in Rome, as i'd lost 5 stone and am 1/2 way to goal

Someone asked me to post some pics, so here they are !
(im not very technical, so please let me know if the link does not work)
wow, nice piccies :) cant believe the difference in you! thats amazing! thanx for sharing those photos, it certainly is an inspiration to see REAL results!

Hello wcdt, Love the pics. We went to Rome 2 years ago and we're going to Cyprus in 2 weeks. Glad to hear you enjoyed your hols. We really adore Italy, but as we're going away mid Sept, we thought it would be sunnier in Cyprus. I'm refeeding from LT for it soon. Did you enjoy the food in Cyprus, I've heard it is very nice. I think I will just have one meal a day, however, and LT the rest of the time.

Care to share your favourite part of Cyprus - we're hiring a car, so we'll be able to get around all the island I hope.

You must have great will power to lose the 5 stone. Very well done! I wish I was on CD, but I need to be on just the 420 cals. Very slow at losing. 2 and a half stone these past 11 weeks on LT, so it has been brill.

Good Luck
Marylyn xxx
You look so happy and beautiful!

Hi wecandothis,

Congratulations and well done on your 5 stone weight loss. You look brill and so very happy.:D :D :D

Love Mini xxxx
Lovely photos!! Well done on the loss you look fantastic!!
Thank you all for your lovely comments!
Marylyn, cant help you on the food one...I Sole sourced all week. We were based near paphos. Paphos harbour was lovely and we went on a really nice boat trip from the harbour, which was worth every penny (think it was called wave dancer.) There was also a really nice beach and town on the west coast, think it was called Pisouri

Polly x