Picked Gerkins


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Yeah I have and its not in there but i thought because you can have pickled cabbage and normal cabbage it would be ok to have a pickled gerkin - i just love me pickled stuff

Your wicked DQ - Alway the first to answer any questions i have - Thanks a million xx:) xx


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Lol no worries Nicola - I tend to live on here!! ;) Not got my yellow book handy, otherwise could have a double check for gherkins....


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I dont know about pickled gerkins, but I know last time round I had some beetroot(I am another naughty pickle lover!) on my AAM week, it didnt give me any difference to my weight loss..but when I checked the fresh beetroot it had loads of carbs in it, pickled doesnt have as much.
The only prob is(as I found with diet coke and zero coke) they dont intefere with Ketosis or weight loss but they did seem to set off my cravings!
So this time round I am going to try and steer clear of anything thats not in the book...just to be on the safe side!

Have a good evening...remember the pickles will be there when your excess weight isnt..hang in there..you will be at goal soon and can eat pickles till they come out of your ears!

Lou X