Pickled eggs...


Determined to succeed!
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It wouldn't damage it no, BUT (and this is a big but... a bit like my butt in fact... lol) giving into your cravings can be the first step on a very slippery slope. If I were you I would grab a big glass of water, and jump in the bath where you are not in danger of accidentally slipping and injesting a slippery white pickley item ;)

Spots xx

Blue Butterfly

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I agree with spots here, giving in just because you really want something is not a good thing!
Resist the pickled egg and you'll feel better in the morning knowing food hasn't passed your lips :D


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Luckily the moment has passed..... But it was mad arrggh
Ok so in bed nw so can finally say day 4 is over. The hunger pangs have disappeared just gt the odd twinge & little tough whn boredom kicks in. My weakness is in the evenings so real need 2 gt complete control on that!
Good luck 4 day 5 :)

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