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My BF and I are going out for the day tomorrow and I want to be all grown up and take a picnic so this is what I'm planning...

* Chicken skewers with cherry tomatoes, peppers and shallots served with a yogurt dip of some sort

* Big box of salad

* Yogurt

* French fries

* Blueberries

What do you think? Oh, it'll be a red day by the way. More ideas welcome xx
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Oh someone mentioned scotch eggs at our group the other night and free on a green day.

Wrap quorn sausage round Boiled egg then roll in couscous then put in the oven till the couscous is browned.

Hope you enjoy your picnic.:)

Nanny Jax

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Scotch Eggs

8 boiled eggs

8 syn free sausages, ie.. Quorn or Morrisons

4 scan bran crushed

Skin the sausages and mash each one individually into a ball, flatten down in your hand then wrap around an egg.

Roll onto scan bran till covered, place on a baking tray for 30 mins, gas mark 5.

Hide them from your OH and kids as they are
Just another version enjoy!
bonus for the exercise you get crushing scan brans! LOL

Louise that sounds lovely! You could take some potato or pasta salad as an HE B just in case you need some carbs. Hmm, might need to make some chicken skewers for dinner tomorrow now :)

Thanks everyone.

We've had a row so aren't actually speaking at the moment, but I'm sure he'll grow up at some point - there again I have bin saying that for ages!! Hehe. He better get over it as I've got all the picnic stuff ready now too.

Oh and get this, he declared he wants a sandwich too, so I'm going to watch him eat a chicken, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich on a huge white seasame burger bap. Don't forget the mayo too!

Arrgh, so jealous. In refelection, the sandwich issue is probably why I just let him have it with both barrels!! Hehe.


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Our men really don't understand do they?! Mine will come home on a Wednesday (WI day) and about an hour before I have to go to WI he will cook himself a big fatty dinner and it will waft under my nose and smell nice but I can't have it cus I have WI! Why can he not just wait an hour til I go out? MEN!!!
Omg those scotch eggs sound lush.....im gonna try that next week......thats when the diet is back on track ;)


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Just thought I'd mention, I tried to make those green day scotch eggs but couldn't get the quorn sausage to wrap round the egg or stick to it! Has anyone else managed to do it?

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