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Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by little-me, 26 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Hi there everyone.hope you are all having a good day. Is there anyone following this diet? I'm starting on Monday and looking for inspiration, some buddies to diet with and recipes etc? I can't find any threads on the forum...

    Thanks :)
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  3. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Hi if it's low carb you will find most people hang around on the Atkins forum.
  4. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Yes as vicky says - come on over to the atkins forum as all low carbers welcome. We have had pig2twiggers but not sure at the moment. Will be plenty of ideas and recipes that you can share though:)
  5. BridgetFW

    BridgetFW Member

    Hello! Yes, I am doing this diet, I love the book, so funny! I started last monday so weigh in tomorrow. I have just come off Cambridge so havent lost much this week (been naughty and weighing every day!) But think body is just getting used to food again so am not worried. Have bought lots of fruit teas today to help with water intake but spent the last week getting up to two litres a day and taking my supplements, so this week should be easy :) are you all prepared and ready to go?


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  6. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Hi everyone, thanks for the tips on the Aitkin forum, I've been lurking there for a few days. Bridget I'm waiting for the books to arrive so I'm skirting around low carb eating right now and enjoying cream and butter for the first time in years! Do you hang out in Atkins forum? maybe I'll see you there. :))))
  7. BridgetFW

    BridgetFW Member


    I have been in the Atkins forum but haven't written anything yet!

    The good thing about the idiot proof diet/pig to twig book is that the first half goes through how different people put on weight, how they deal with it and how so many people try to sabotage you on your journey. I find it a really inspiring read and very motivating. I keep it around me most of the time!

    How is your first week going? I have lost 3 inches - one each from waist, tummy and hips! And feel fab this week! Even managed to burn 540 cals at the gym last night, whoop! :)


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