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pigged out


Always comes back to MMs!
Hey don't worry about it - the beauty of SW is you can draw a line under yesterday, and start again today! Just as long as you don't carry on pigging out, you've still got a good chance of a loss - a whole week's good work shouldnt come undone over a small blip!

Get a bit of exercise in there and behave before WI and who knows, you might get a good loss!

Don't beat yourself up... that's what I always used to do, have a blip and end up giving up... with this plan, you really can do it for life, so dust yourself off and try again! xx


Yummy Mummy! xx

Theres your line under it - start again! xx
Aw hon, do you go to a class? If so make sure and go as normal and have a chat to your C, she may have advice if you are struggling a bit. Think about how far you have come, and don't be so hard on yourself xxx
i did the same yest STAR WEEK why is it use always seem to crave chocs, crisps sweets ice cream and everything else thats bad for you ive been good all week and then blow it the night before weigh in aaaaahhh! ive only got 1/2 to reach target


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ive scoffed through loads this week, and sometimes i get away with it - just luck though - so i dont recommend it at all!!! scoffing is not for losers :D (see what i did there!)

I think that this week im gonna have a bit of a gain, but i know why, so ive just got to pick myself up and get back on track (today im 100% focused!!!)



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I have this problem almost every week, so please don't worry about it, get yourself back into the plan, and act as if it didn't happen. Honestly!

If you let this affect you and drift totally off the plan, you may be kicking yourself in a few weeks time, whereas if you just get on with it, you might be celebrating another few lbs off by then!

I thought I was being reasonably good yesterday (had lunch out at an Indian Restaurant!!), but sat last night and had chocolate, several crackers and a packet of hula-hoops.

Scales this morning reckoned I'd put on 2lbs since yesterday! :eek:

But, I'll just push on, ignore it, try to be a little better than usual on the plan for the rest of the week, and hopefully see a small loss on Thursday.

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