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Pinkiepie refeed & maintenance

Hi guys i started refeed on saturday 20/9 here's what i had...

Breakfast: summerfruits maintenance shake (didn't like this so not a good start!)
Lunch: caramel maintenance bar (loved this, they are really yummy but very filling)
Dinner: fillet of white fish with a little salt & pepper grilled, a small salad of mixed leaf, half a tomato, cucumber, pepper & a little onion with a little balsamic vinegar...this felt like the best meal of my life!! & i cant believe how full i was - heaven!

Had 2 cups of tea with milk & loads of water.
Was so worried about eating though it felt wrong like i was cheating, will prob take time to get used to not feeling guilty.
Yesterday i had exectly the same to eat as saturday as i want to try & do refeed for 2 weeks rather than 1. Does anybody know if i can have sugar free drinks now like diet coke??
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i binged!!!!

I cant believe i did this but i said to myself that i was going to be completely honest when it comes to food now if i am going to suceed at keeping the weight off. I was a secret eater & thats how i got out of control with my weight. So anyway yesterday was day 3 of refeed which started off fine, i had the orange cream shake, didnt like it, then by 11am i had a chunk of crusty bagett with peanut butter, then i just couldnt stop myself i ate crisps, chocolate, crumpet! It was a complete mindless binge, there was no trigger, i wasnt upset, stressed, angry or bored, i just did it! Talk about regret! I felt sick, fat, angry, depressed, bloated. Had no sleep last night as my stomach was in agony, still doesnt feel good now. Anyway i have written every single thing i ate in my diary & written exactly how i felt after, so if i ever feel tempted again i will look at that to remind myself. So going back to basics today, have had my caramel maintenance bar (i love these), going to have the veg soup for lunch & some fish & salad for dinner, i'm going to stick to this for the next few days.
Sorry for the rant, i just felt i had to put this down on my refeed thread as i want to be honest with myself about what i have done, if that makes sense? xx
Babe we all cheat and you gotta put it behind you xxx

That was yestersy and now is today so lets go forward. You know how it feels when you binge and you made your list. Now try and learn from it.

is it worth investigating further to find out why you binge? perhaps a counsellor xxx


Love God; Love People
Hi Pinkie, as Cankster said, it happens to all of us sometimes. Miost important thing is to learn from it. I have eaten silly (!) a couple of times since I started maintenance which I really regret but I put it down to a learning experience. It's kinda better that it is happening this early in your refeed as it puts you on the alert for the maintenance. I find the book "The thin commandments" by Prof Stephen Gullo very helpful and I've been listening to the audio version regularly. Also the Lipotrim Maintenance audio tape is very good -your pharmacist should have it for you to borrow.
Welcome to maintenanceland Pinkie. Don't worry: we SHALL succeed!
Thank you guys, it's much harder than i thought it would be. I found TFR so easy really.
is it worth investigating further to find out why you binge? perhaps a counsellor xxx
I have been to the docs so many times before with my weight issues & i found that all they would do is send you to the diet nurse who quite frankly cant tell me anything i dont already know OR when i was overweight prescribe me with slimming pills. I would love to know how you get to resources like counselling as i do believe that may help. But thanks babe your right i do need to look forward now & not dwell on it xx
Also the Lipotrim Maintenance audio tape is very good -your pharmacist should have it for you to borrow.
Welcome to maintenanceland Pinkie. Don't worry: we SHALL succeed!
I never got this from my chemist, all i got was a printed out sheet of days 1-7 for refeed! I will need to ask as i do feel a little left in the lurch since leaving TFR. I do agree that it is almost better this has happened now so early into refeed as it has really made me aware that my old habits are still very much there & obviously arent gonna go away that easily, thanks trim xx
day 4 refeed

breakfast: maintenance bar

lunch: veg soup

dinner: fillet of white fish & salad, 3 crab sticks

Feeling really bloated at the moment & not really enjoying refeed, I'm considering going back onto TFR for a couple of weeks or maybe sticking with 2 LT shakes (not maintenance) & a fish & salad in the evenings. Really confused about what to do, i just dont feel in control of my eating yet & feel like i'm gonna pile the weight back on.
good luck with what ever u decide - just stay happy and positive and have a good plan that you can stick to you so u know what you are going to eat every day before you wake up - organisation is key i think. xox
Well i've gone back onto TFR today as have not been able to control my eating on refeed which was really getting me down & making me want to eat more. I do feel a lot better by going back onto TFR but i am well aware that i cant stay on this forever & i will need to eat like a "normal" person soon. I'm thinking of going to the docs to see if i can get some help like counseling or something (not holding out much hope though, my docs are cack!) Thanks guys for your support i should be back posting on this thread in a few weeks xx


Love God; Love People
Hi Pinkie, keep up the good work!


Love God; Love People
Hi Pinkie, how's it going? Stay strong!

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