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Pinpants WILL need small pants diary

Hello all I've just been perusing a few diaries and decided I need to start one to keep on the straight and narrow. Im a SW girl and have lost 9lbs since Jan which I am pleased with but I have started slipping so I need to refocus. I suffer from Crohns Disease so have medication to factor into my weightloss- I am currently on steroids which really hamper my efforts and an immunosuporessant drug called methotrexate that makes me feel very zombiefied and ill I am coming off my steroids within the next two weeks (yay) so can really go for it more then without feeling like I'm being hindered. Ok..... 2 weeks ago I did loads of exercise and had a 2.5lb loss to show for it- last week 1/2 a lb. At the moment because of the drugs a loss is a loss- 1/2 a lb is better than a gain or a sts but I've been feeling sorry for myself and it's slipped Sooo this morning I downloaded the hypnoslim app on my iPhone and gave myself 20mins to listen to that which was very inspiring and I'm now going to take my dog for a longER walk Time is a problem for me as I have four kids aged 13,7,6 and 2, so "me-time" is a concept that doesn't really exist in my world lol. However because I take my methotrexate (mtx) on a weds night I feel pretty wiped out Thursday so my lovely (thin, biscuit addict, doesn't gain weight) husband takes the kids to school and my youngest has her one morning a week at nursery so I have a teeny bit of time for me YAY!! ( must admit I am posting this from my bed lol) So my plans are:- A) get back on SW properly B) stop nicking the kids crisps/cookies/chocolate and ignoring it cos it's "not mine" C) start 30 day shred when DVD eventually arrives D) walk more as I can't afford diesel anymore anyway!! Hope this isn't too boring for you all and look forward to using this to keep me on track Btw I am 34 (35 next month) a size 16, weigh 13 stone 3lbs and am 5'5". I am in the process of setting up as a SW consultant so need to stick to plan 110% so I can practise what I preach
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Whoo hoo get me! Me and my greyhound, Elvis have just walked about 2km in 50 mins. my pedometer on my phone says 1.67km but I didnt start it until we arrived at the field which was 20 mins walk from my house (which i utilised well by talking on the phone to my area manager - SW about my group which starts in April) I then deliberately walked up a big hill and on the way home I had the choice of the flat scenic route of walking up a hill that is virtually vertical and I went for that as a final push and reached the top bright red, gasping for breath and sweating but very very proud of self with the added bonus of a knackered doggie :) I think it was a fantastic use of my one morning a week childfree so will defnitely make a resolution to do that every Thursday.
I now must go and get little madam from nursery hoping I fit in with all the yummy mummys in my jogging bottoms and sweaty face LOL
Morning Pinpant and well done or your activites this morning, fantastic!

You sound pretty much like me with the "no time for myself", although I only have the two kids and still have no time for me, god knows how you manage with four!! I work full time so have to be in a routine ish mode all the time but I do find that nothing clears your mind and makes you feel better than a good long walk. On your own is great, nobody rattling on in your ear, or with the dog in your case. I have two dogs but no way could I hold them both and take them out, they are rottweilers but are too strong for me to hold so that's a no go unless me, hubby and kids all go which we tend to do most weekends.

Anyway, well done you and keep on going, you're doing fab.

I lost 2lbs :) I am so chuffed and need just 1lb off to get into the 12stone bracket
Hooray for me
Sooo I'm pootling along nicely. I'm hoping for a loss on Thursday because of my 30 day shred devotion BUT will it be enough to cancel out the pizza ( hangs head in shame) and alcohol that caused the pizza slip on Saturday? God I hope so. If I could lose a pound just to get me into the 12 stone bracket I think that would be a huge mental boost. I haven't been out of the 13's for at least 2.5 years since my 4th was born, maybe not 6 years since my 3rd was born.....
Self sabotage is happening :( help me someone
Can I help? I'm no expert though. We all have wobbly days, I'm sure. :(
Thank you
I appear to be heading down the self destruct line :( started Thursday when I put on half a pound at weigh in, then Friday night I went out for a really posh meal with husband, 3 courses, wine, liqueur etc, then yesterday we took the kids to pizza express and I despite my best intentions just pigged out completely
I've slacked on my exercise and am completely off plan :(
It's really weird- my daughter put a pic of me on Facebook and a friend commented how amazing I was looking weight wise, and when I tried to get ready Friday night all my clothes were too big but it's scary
I think I've hidden behind being the big (booby) funny one for so long I'm a bit scared of what's underneath.
I think I need a shrink I sound insane.
I've had wine every day last week so feel sluggish, bloated and sad. I hate undoing my own good efforts.
I've been good today and had 3 ryvita(HEXB) and ham and 500mls water and a banana as I'm determined to get back to it and turn the week around
I'm so angry and disappointed with myself though
Why do we do it? I'm just listing all my now too big clothes on eBay to stop me slipping straight back into them...
I think it's because we've been telling ourselves we cant do it, for so long, that when it starts working we almost want to sabotage it to prove ourselves right! If you know what I mean? I know I've done it.

Big hugs. Draw a line under it all and start afresh. We are all guilty of being too hard on ourselves. We're only human :)
THank you. I definitely feel like Im perking up a bit!! I have got pretty much back on plan and even restarted my 30 day shred dvd this morning. I then walked down the highstreet and bought LOADS of fruit and veg and have sworn myself off the supermarket this week lol. I have a freezer FULL of food- mince, fish, casserole steak.....so I will be getting busy with my at least 10 SW cookbooks and creating loads of yummy meals this week. I think I may do some lovely veggie curries tomorrow.

Im not sure if Ill get a loss this week as I had SUCH a bad weekend but I am intending to leave the car as much as I can and up the walking and try to fit in a bit more proper exercise. Might jump on the Wii right now actually while my husband puts the kids to bed.

I have also let naughty snacks creep into the house again- I was doing really well just not buying tempting stuff and Ive slipped and I eat it literally because its there/boredom.
Hopefully when my SW group is up and running (25th April is my first group as a new consultant) I will be too busy to think about pigging out :eek::D
I'm glad you're feling a little happier about things :) I always feel better when there is lots of healthy things in the house that I can nibble at if I'm hungry. The day before shopping day, I get a bit panicky becuase I know I'll be more tempted to demolish a packet of biscuits. lol
It's so hard when the naughty stuff is in the house, My sister decided it was a great idea to bring my kids a full box of Quality street a few weeks ago, I LOVE sweets. Not a good idea. I limited myself to 3 a day (2.5syns each).
Best of luck with weigh in this week.
P. X

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