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Pitta pizzas


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I slice it in half, lightly toast both sides (this stops the pitta bread from going soggy), then put passata (sieved tomatoes) on top then put any veg & cheese HEa) you like then bake for about 10-15 minutes until veggies are cooked & cheese is melted).

Hope that helps ;)


Lyn x


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I dont use Pittas, but you can make a tasty tomato topping yourself

fresh tomatos, chopped
Red onion, chopped
squidge of puree
balsamic vinegar
1tsp sweetner

soften onion in frylight with some salt (stops them burning) then add tomatoes, sweetner and touch of water, cover and gently soften. keep an eye on them and add more water if needed. when they have cooked down add balsamic vinegar and basil and cook till a thick sticky paste.


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Thank you for the help.. I used passata and it was AMAZZZING
Here's a picci



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oh I didn't know wholemeal pittas were a hexb choice!! Thanks!! xx
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Hiya rumbletummy,

Its only the wholemeal pitta bread from the co-op that are classed as a HEb.


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That looks awesome :) And I was going to ask the question about pittas being a HE but you answered that for me too :) Is it the normal size pittas or are they smaller? Thanks!


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That sounds really yummy, I am going to have a go at that this weekend so I can still have a Saturday evening pizza!

I have read of a way of making pizza with smash as well which would work out free (as long as cheese was a healthy extra) but not tried it.

This way does sound nicer. :)
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I am going to try it with wholemeal wraps. I know it will have syns but don't have an Asda near and don't like local co-op much.
I checked on the website the other day it still had Asda ones listed as Hex!?
I double-checked again today because I had them for tea and didn't want to cheat on my first week! They are still listed as healthy extras along with the ones from the Coop - they are *really* nice smothered in passata and veggies :)
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The asda ones were taken off the shelves. The replacement pittas in asda are by the flatbread co. And those ones are not a HEB. So although it's still on the website, you won't find them in the shop.

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