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Its more about the fact that there's more wholemeal in an Asda pitta than a Tesco one I think. Thats what qualifies it as a HeB. xxx


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Does this mean that there are some healthy extra pitta breads? I thought they always counted as syns!


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The Asda 55g wholemeal pitta bread is now a HeB! Yay!!! They're lovely!!!! :D


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I believe you can only have the Asda ones as a healthy extra, It is to do with the ingredients rather than the weight.

Pitta breads freeze quite well, so if you are near an asda anytime soon, then perhaps freeze some, so you have them when you need them.


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Right, thanks folks. I won't sabotage my diet by eating 55g of tesco then. I'll stock up when I next see one. I live a way from one though. I'm gonna have to get me a chest freezer I think.



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Slightly off topic but I really struggle with pitta breads. I love them but can't cut them open properly!!


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bung them in the microwave for about 20 seconds and they puff up. They're much easier to cut then and they cool down really quickly! xxx


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Ha ha.....that's where I go wrong, I pop mine into the grill first and when I come to split them they just crumble up.......so I shall try the microwave in future, thank you.

Incidently Weight Watchers do a Pitta bread now and they are on offer at Asda at the moment.


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I put my pitta breads in the toaster, just like a piece of toast. You have to keep turning them around to make sure they toast on all sides, then take them out, let it cool down a bit and they are much easier to cut open.


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agreed much easier to cut when heated :) and i find microwave easier than toaster just make sure you don't put them on for too long or they will go hard :(

just a thought but have you checked to see if asda online will deliver to you? you could stock up that way and obviously just do a grocery shop from there and include them to justify the delivery charge!