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Pixies Diary .... Here comes summer... and beyond


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi, I hope you all dont mind but thought i would start a diary, Im new to this forum and you all seem really friendly so thought it would be a nice place to settle lol,

Im 31 i have 4 children eldest 13 youngest is 2, Im a stay home mum and living in a new area so dont know anyone expect my partners family and am finding it hard to make friends, I now live in the New Forest but im from Cornwall,

I put weight on when i was 18 and pregnant with my first and gained about 3 stone each time i was preggy apart from my last when i lost 2,.5 stone, Ive done SW a few times before with some succsess and have restarted in Jan but been up and down , so only lost 4.5lbs but back on it seriously now. My GP prescribed me Reductil today, 10mg so i took my first one this morning and apart from feeling a little spacey ive felt nothing else since,....... altho i believe they take a while to get into the system! ....

Im 5f3 and weigh 13.10lb .... and a size 18, my goal at the moment is to get to a 14 so i can walk into a surf shop back home in Cornwall and buy somthing surfy! .... so am hoping that this year ill be able to,

I look forward to meeting you all and sharing views and comments along the way, xxx
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Good luck Pixie and keep us all up to date with your weight loss

Keep posting and you will get all the support you need ~ this site is amazing. Hope to meet you soon
Hiya Pixie,
well done for starting a weight loss diary and wishing you every success in your journey. Keep updating - but remember this diary is for you and is a great way of looking back at progress, putting down your thoughts and problems - and you'll always get us nosey ones coming on for a read!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Awww thankyou for your replies! ...

I think its a great idea keeping a diary, then it feels like others are keeping a check on you to hehehe .....

Well this morning has started off ok taken 2nd tablet with a glass of water and had breaky as normal so we will see how the day pans out altho didnt notice anything atall yesterday apart from the spaced out feeling,
and last night well thats a different story! I sat and ate umm about 10 roses choccies :break_diet: Not great hey! .... so this morning im trying to start from scratch! ... hads weetabix for breaky and will have crispbreads for lunch and quorn sausage mash and veg for tea ... so not to bad ... anyhoo im not upto much today so will probably be around lurking somwhere lol ......


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Sonkie .. well not a great day, and have had some choccie, ........
I know im only day two of reductil but am wondering if im taking it a bit to early? ... i take it at 10am and then i have my breakfast ... should i take maybe at 11 or have breakt first then take them ... Oh i dont know to many options LOL

any advice would be great! (dont worry you'll all get used to my ramblings!)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Well what a glorious morning it is out there today, Im waiting until 11am today to take my next tab, im on day number 3 and didnt feel as spacey yesterday so not sure what today will bring, altho not noticing anything with my food intake! infact yesterday i ate like a pig! .... was really good till tea time then lost it all ! .....:cry: .....
Hoping these little pills of willpower kick in soon, Ive got to go back to docs in 2 weeks for BP check and then it will be monthly i think so wonder if id have lost anything in those 2 weeks lol ...................
my parents are up today for the weekend, and go home on tuesday so may not be about to much ..... just hope they dont bring any clotted cream or else that will be IT i just cant resist a bit of thunder and lightening! mmmmm yummy ....
What ever you do today enjoy! xxxx :D


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I was on reductil and i used to take it with my meal. It depended on what time I had my breakfast. Alas it never worked however my friend lost about 3 stone


Going From Flab to FAB!
Well day number 5, trying to take reds at 11am but its usually earlier as ive been out early the past 2 days, eating normally so i think and still cant see a difference in the amounts im eating altho the scales have shown 4lbs gone since wednesday! ... altho i cant seriously see how! as i havnt been an angel ive had a glass of wine ive had a bar of choccy, ive had a biscuit, but still followed SW in a fashion......... My weigh in is on wednesday evening at 7pm so i suppose the SW scales will give me the true reading! ........

Im really excited still about using these pills, i dont think ive had any side effects since friday apart from maybe being a little constapated........ any ideas or tips on how to stop this? sleeping fine im out as soon as my head touches the pillow! ........
cant wait for the summer although with the last week or so to go by makes me worry we may of had our summer already! ... I remember last summer my legs rubbing together when wearing a skirt, sweating under my boobs, feeling hot and bothered all the time! this summer im determined to be wearing a skirt without my legs becoming red raw after 10 minutes and then having to wear trousers! ....

anyway ill pop back tomorow and babble some more! ... xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Well today is weigh in at SW so ill b updating when i get back this evening, Im not holding out much hope because my parents have been here,.....:eek: ........
Ive also had to go buy some senakot! cos i cant "go" since thursday so ummm thought some action was needed LOL

Ive a question about the reds, i know they suppress your appetite, but should you eat even if you dont feel like it? ..... so far today ive eaten 2 slices of toast, and half a yoghurt at lunch time, just couldnt stomach anymore, and an apple slicked up! surly this isnt enough? ... i dont want to have been given this chance only to be doing it wrong! lol ...

any advice would be great ,:D again will babble some more later


Going From Flab to FAB!

1.5lb gone! and 4 inches ......... so not a bad first week on reds really i dont think, although some may think different! i hope this is a good week! ...


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