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Planing menus...


The Original Honey!!!
To be honest, I just grab lots of different meats and store them in my freezer then depending on the day just grab out bits and cook them up. I make sure I have lots of pasta/noodles/rice, stocks/herbs and spices, ff dairy bits and bobs and shop for fruit and veg twice a week. I works for me and is nice that you're not fixed to a meal like a hotpot when its 30 degrees outside and vice versa.

I guess that's not much help but I would say always keep a good stock of the basics then you'll be able to do anything

happy planning

i do extra easy but i do plan a week of evening meals as its far easier to shop once i have done that
I plan the day before I do my shopping. I have a notebook, which lives in my kitchen. I write up the days at the top of the page, and split into breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks - then just fill in as I think of what I might fancy, what is in the cupboard, anything I have not had in a while, etc. Sometimes I do it for more than a week, just so I can see the variety - and I make a point of making sure I do not have the same meals on the same days every week. e.g. Curry on a Wednesday.

Hope this makes sense.


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I do the same as Honey74 and make sure just to stock up on everything I normally use (AH Cous Cous, SuperNoodles, Basmalti Brown Rice, Pasta, Passata, Quark, Yogurts, Alpen Lights, Fibre Bars, All Bran Cereal, hot Chocolate, Total 0% yogurts, fresh fruit and veg, spices, freezer with different cuts of fish/lamb/chicken, Quavers, Skimmed Milk-longlife, wholemeal bread, ryvita wg crackerbread, mayo, ketchup, coke zero or diet coke, Quorn products, ice creams (mini twisters, minimilks)...and the list goes on...
That way I can change at the last minute if I want to have an EE, Red or Green Day.

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