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planning a cheat!

I started lipotrim a week ago and it has gone fairly well. but on friday there is a charity ball at work with a carvery buffet. I was hoping to skip starter + dessert and just eat meat for main course so I dont drop out of ketosis. I know I could have picked a better time to start but there will never be a "right time". has anyone else had this problem or could give me advice:sigh:
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dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the perfect oppurtunity to prove to yourself that you can go to these occasions and not be tempted.

seriously what do you want more: to be slim or to have a few bits of meat??
i agree... dont do it!! be strong and have a shake before you go and drink lots of water whilst your out... sparkling might make it look like its something else....
you can do it!! :D
Its just I will be sitting at a table with 8 other people + husband and I just want to pass myself. I had a BBQ on sarurday which 30 people came to and I didnt cheat at all despite all the cooking. I wasnt hungry and felt very strong. but it was just 1st week so I am still very excited about the whole thing


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the diet will get easier not harder, so if you did it in week one you can do it in week 2... if the thought of a roast makes you ant to come off the diet would you consider doing another? I understand you said you will be at a table with others, but just like the BBQ youi dont have to eat just because theyres food there... well done on the BBQ btw, I quit for the weather (and totally regret it) xx


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Nooooooooooooo! Everyone has said the same thing and is right. Do not think to yourself eating a piece of meat is 'not' a cheat if you havent watched the lipotrim video which the pharamcy should have borrowed to you when you started you can find it on the lipotrim website next to the bmi calculator. I watched this video yesterday and it clearly states, do not cheat and think that eating non carbohydrate foods are acceptable and will not kick you out of ketosis because they will, what happens is that the body can still change a small compund of protein and modify it into carbohydrate and this will impede you ketone production and kick you out of ketosis. It really isnt worth the risk.

Stay strong, we know you can fight this.


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I have to echo what everyone else has said.

If you're embarrassed about not having anything could you feign a titchy witchy stomach upset .... ???? The number of times you'll be going to the loo with all the water you're drinking could bear that out too ;) x
actually I am hoping husband will nibble some as well so it looks as if I have taken something. I am also going to volunteer to sell the raffle tickets so that I am not tied to table! if people dont see you not eating you seem to be able to get away with it lol! I will let you know how I get on. one good thing is I never really drank much so I am not going to miss it so thats one less hassle


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I've been out this evening as a matter of fact. My mother was sitting next to me. Just about THE worst person for not eating in front of IMO. She said 'I feel awful you're not having anything' I said 'It's me that's not having anything - it doesn't bother me so forgive me, but with all due respect, if it bothers you - that's your problem' - Very nicely of course ... she accepted that and happily stuffed her face thenceforth ;) :) xx


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ther is no easy way but to not eat it reely i hope you get thru it without feeling the need 2 eat 2 please every1 else
and i know its hard ive had quite a few doe,s that ive had 2 go 2 and sum funny questions of family and freinds but i want to lose the weight and i no they want me 2 the same as yer family an freinds will be happy for you loseing weight if its makeing you happy hope it goes ok for you an its not 2 awqward


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Hang in there. This is a temporary period in your life where you have a goal, so you just need to stay focused on whats more important. Think of all the nice clothes you want to wear, the moeny it costs to do this, the potential weight loss for that week.


Here we go again!
Got to agree with everybody else I'm afraid!!

I went to a wedding evening do a couple of weeks ago and didn't eat anything. The buffet looked gorgeous and everybody else around me was eating but I stuck to my water. Then they all had some of the delicious chocolate wedding cake!! It smelt sooooo gooood too.

I want to lose this weight more than an evening of eating and just don't think it was worth it.

If nobody else knows you're on LT just do what Jan said and say you're just getting over a stomach bug and don't want to risk eating anything at the mo. Say you had some dry toast before you came out so don't really need anything.

Whatever you do, good luck but I really don't think one evening out is worth breaking this diet for, it can be really hard to get back on it the next day!


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Hi etheral,
Hope you are well today. After reading all the advice on here I hope you now feel strong enough to go to the ball without eating. I do like the tip on telling people you had some dry toast and are taking it easy for the evening, that would work in most cases so well worth trying. Enjoy the ball, great you are down 7 lb so your dress must be fitting nicely. Take care.
If only I could wave a magic wand and let you see just how bloody FANTASTIC you will feel and look when you get to your goal, there will be NO WAY you would be contemplating eating ANYTHING until that time. Please, please do not fall of the wagon and eat for anyone or anything. It will NOT be worth it, I promise you.
thanks for the support everyone.I really need it. It is so difficult to keep things private. the girl at work who told me about LT also said that she had had a lot of negative comments from colleagues. we work in a hospital so everyone and his doghas an opinion and not usually a good one:sigh:. I am quite shy anyway so just dont want to draw attention to myself


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No-one apart from my Hubby and my Mum know I'm doing this, as I couldn't face the 'know-all' comments about VLCD's either. Even my Mum only knows I'm doing a 'shake' diet, but she thinks I'm having regular meals in the evenings!
I've used the tummy upset excuse at a dinner-dance and a funeral and it worked a treat! I just drank plenty of water, and avoided talking too much about it, which should be easy enough if you're distracted selling tickets etc?
got through the evening. drank a shed load of water and danced for about 3 hours. did take some dinner but wasnt hungry and just pushed it about the plate until OH ate some and NOONE ELSE NOTICED!. had a bit of a panic when I realised that the 3 sparkling waters I had already drunk had LEMON SLIces in them:mad: but I did a sneaky weigh in yesterday and this morning + would appear to have lost 1 1/2 pounds in 24 hrs! still time will tell + I cant wait for WI on tuesday:)


Crawling to the finish!
well done! see, dont you feel great, you would feel crummy if you ate, well done xx

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