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Planning a night off - how much damage will i do??

I have a meal out this Sat. I will have been on SS 4 wks by then and have stuck to it 100% without even licking my fingers!! I want to enjoy my meal and have what i choose from the menu and then on Sunday i will go straight back on SS. I won't be having any booze. How much damage am i likely to do to my weight loss for the following Sat which is my weigh in day??

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I think you're very brave - I couldn't do it! :eek:

I should imagine it will kick your straight out of ketosis, but I suppose the amount of weight you put back on depends on what you eat. Hopefully someone will be able to give you some more specific advice on that.


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I don't know, I ate once, at the end of week 2, but only half a chicken caesar salad, and I lost 2.5lb that week (WI was the next day).. considering my average has been 3-3.5 a week I don't think it did much damage at all...

I think it's more likely to harm your willpower than your weight loss, so make sure you get straight back on SS afterwards!
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i think it really depends on
a) what you eat... if you indulge in carb rich foods then your glycogen stores will fill up and therefore the water weight will increase at the same time.
b) how soon weigh in is after it? cant remember if you mentioned your weigh in day. but you can get rid of any water gain (from carbs) in 3 days and get back into ketosis...

so i dont think it will affect your w.i too much if you have 3+ days after the meal until weigh in.

good luck and enjoy x
Thanks for the thoughts - i am hoping that the treat will spur me on for the next 8 weeks. My CD councellor said that as long as i have it in my head that i am straight back on SS the next day it shouldn't do too much damage. I have my week 4 weigh in on Sat morning so i will have a full week to rectify any damage i do. I have read on here lots of people seem to have the odd cheat every week so i am proud and very surprised that i have managed to do 4 weeks 100% so i am thinking of it as my reward for that.

S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
yeah go for it... you sound like you are more than prepared for a night off and returning to SS.

i have had miniscule nibbles of chicken/cheese/ham along my journey but nothing that has led to a major blip so a well planned night off should do you no harm whatsoever...

try to stick to proteins and veg and less carbs... then you are less likely to get any nasty cravings the next day!



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I had a planned meal out one night, it was fine, i just chose "no carb" food. I still lost 4lb the next wk , as you say . as long as you DO go straight back to SS the next day u will be fine. enjoy your meal!!
Hi Shazzy

If your determined to get back on track the next day you will be fine, i did this last september after 4 months of SS (i am on Lightelife) had a chinese for B/F birthday, cake etc, got back on the next day and lost 2.5lbs that week, if you stick with it you will be fine..

Have a fab night.



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You've gotta keep it in perspective, life is for living! Stick to protein like fish or chicken with salad or veg (no bread or carbs), doubt it will make much difference depends on your weigh day! Get straight back on. Biggest affect will be on your mind, keep the willpower and don't have dessert! Good luck and enjoy your night, no doubt you'll need a new outfit after 4 weeks of SS!

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