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Planning ahead for xmas!

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hey ladies!

so, iv decided i'm gunna try and shift 7lbs for xmas, now that i'm 100% that my target weight is were i wanna stay, i plan to shift 7lbs for xmas, and then gain it back.. as i have xmas, new year, my sisters birthday, my birthday and then my anniversary in the same 4 weeks..

got me thinking, how are you planning to tackle xmas? stay 100% on track, accept any gain that may come your way and get back on track after? or drop as much as poss before hand and then enjoy????

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I have 7 weeks to get to target for our wedding, then we go to New York for a week, back for a week, christmas - I'll be happy if I start the new year at my current weight but as long I keep in the 10's or below, I'll be happy!:)
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I plan to stay 100% until chritstmas eve til the day after boxing day, but not over eat, then the same for new years eve and day, but straight back on 2nd Jan! Hopefully anyway lol.
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I'm going to have christmas eve,day and boxing day off,plus new years eve too,but am going to tgry as much as pos to buy SW freindly treats to try to lessen the damage.
i was actually talking about this to my hubby recently. The last 2 christmases i was attending ww meetings and both years ,after the last weigh in before christmas it was like breaking up from school and knowing you had 2 weeks before facing the scales again,ie 2 weeks to go mental!!! This year i am doing SW and not attending classes. My wi day is friday so i will weigh on 25th dec !! but hopefully i wont have that 2 weeks off the diet feeling and therefore stay more on track...fingers crossed


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Last year I relaxed and had cake, choccy, and stuff - but didn;t really go mental and had given myself a 'gain target' of 7lbs over the Christmas period. Well, I gained 3.5lbs so I was happy with that.
This year I plan to do much the same - relax but not go mental.
I going to try and get 3 below target for xmas which considering I am 2.5 over target is 5.5lbs and it'll be hard work! I usually put 2-5 lb on.
I will not be on plan but don't go too mad, I don't buy tins of choc or nuts or anything like that but will have treats like lunches out etc. My evening meals will be on plan though. It's just the extras like chocolate biscuits and stuff.

I'll be lucky to lose that weight though as we have a meal out most weekends now and that's enough to make me stay the same each week.

Best Intentions though!

Mrs V

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Im just going to go with the flow. If I fancy some chocolate I will have some, but just not go over board, the same with all the other foods available. If I have a gain, then so be it! Lol


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I'll probably have a week off from Xmas eve when I have a few drinks with old school friends every year. You've got to enjoy Xmas!


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I plan on having the evening of xmas eve,xmas day,boxing day off plan then get straight back on plan until the evening of new years eve and then new years day off! I think if you dont go mad you will be fine if i managed to go on holiday for two weeks without a horrendous gain im hoping a few days over xmas wont hurt!!

Well thats the plan any way!!!


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im going to enjoy my christmas dinner without syning it, but im going to try and not go mad with the bits of chocolates and sweets that are everywhere at xmas! Hopefully get another 5-7lb off before xmas too
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
glad to hear were all well prepared!

last year i actually lost 1lb over xmas week even tho i was off plan, but since being at target my weight is oober sensitive to weight gain and loss, so i wanna be well prepared. xx


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I will be 100% up to Christmas Eve, then 3 days off (Christmas Eve & Day, Boxing Day), then back on it 100% again.

I am fortunate that my weigh in day is Tuesday, and it will be a Thursday / Friday / Saturday that I am off plan, so there is a couple of days after that - and before my next weigh in - for me to maybe undo any damage I do over my Christmas break.

But having said that, I am not making any attempt to eat SW friendly foods or anything for those 3 days - the plan does not exist!


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I go back to UK on 21st for hols to parents and I know I will be overfed! Will try and keep to as much of the plan as possible but will be having a few drinks.

I want to be at 13 stone by 21 December, if I can get lower then I may have a couple of pounds to play with.

Will definately be back on plan when I get back from hols.


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