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Hi All

Well i am on day 18 and have hit a plateau.

did anyone else hit one in week three? how did you get weight loss going again? how long did plateau last? any tips on making the scales budge again?

i have not done anything different, have not cheated and have been drinking water,water and more water

its not TOTM and as far as i can think of theres no other reason my loss should have come to a sudden halt.

Weird thing is - last time i did cd ss i stuck at this exact same weight at the same point in time, for two weeks and the frustration is what made me give up

i need to find a way to work thru it or to shift the scales this time as i dont want to fail again

tia for any tips or replies
I have no tips hun, but be realistic....The weight loss is meant to be one stone per month....your on day 18 & have already lost that...YOU KNOW this diet works, it has to, it cant possibly not work as we eat so few calories...maybe ur body is just rebelling and trying to convince you to eat again but DONT GIVE IN...imagine how fab you will feel in a couple of weeks time when u have lost some more weight? Do you really want to have to start this diet all over again...cos I know I sure as hell dont..

I know its irritating (to say the least!) when the scales dont seem to shift, but take a look at the bigger picture hun, you are right on target for the month...

Hi Slushy

Sure someone will come along who has more idea but I'm just wondering if your body will respond to your AAM week next week and then going back to SSing.

It would be interesting to see.

Dizzy x
you know what kazz i know youre right - im just a very impatient so and so lol

dizzy - thanks for reminding me - i had forgotten i have aam week to look forward to next week - wooohoooo - isnt it silly how exciting a bit of boiled chicken can sound lol
An official plateau lasts for a few weeks with no weight OR inch loss. This is just your body adjusting. Stick with the plan, knock back your water, and the weight will come off honey :)
Hi Slushy,hun pls dont worry 2 much about hitting a plateau in your weight loss.
You have been Ssing for 18 days now and sometimes your body just needs time to re ajust to Ssing as the first 2 weeks u loose alot of weight.
There is no way you can not loose weight while Ssing as u r only having 450 cals a day, so pls pls dont worry as u dont need any exra stress as thew first few weeks of Ssing are hard enough.

Have u taken your measurements u def will be shrinking even if the scales are not moving.

I am sure some of the experienced vlcd peeps will soon be along to offer u some advice.
Take care hun xx
Hitting a plateau in week three is really really common so don't panic.

Your body is having a readjustment. The fat burning process is still going on its just that the body retains water for a few days then hey presto off the weight comes again. During this time you will notice your inches reducing.

The other most common time for plateauing is TOTM.

So just carry on and forget about the scales for a few days - make friends with your tape measure:)
Hi Slushy - how is it going today hun?

I'm on day 6 of a restart and Ive satyed the same this week despite doing well. I am hoping for a good loss next week and hope you do too hun!!

dizzy - thanks for reminding me - i had forgotten i have aam week to look forward to next week - wooohoooo - isnt it silly how exciting a bit of boiled chicken can sound lol

LOL. Yep, on a cocktail stick :D

BTW, wouldn't that be week 4 for you? AAM is usually week 5:confused:
Hi from my experiance doing SS twice is
The 1st two weeks you lose alot then your body adjusts and it slows down to 1/2 a lb per day but it may not show up until the weigh-in day?
I can tell you this as this happens to me but it still makes me down and ask why????
I have lost 17lbs in my 1st 3 weeks look at my signature but my week 3 loss showed up the day I weighed?Its the same this week I have weighed and its 1-11/2 lbs at the mo but thats 1st thing in the morning and my weigh-in is 6pm wednesdays?So if I weighed tonight at 6pm id probs be the same as last weds as we usually put on in the day???
So by weigh-in day im sure youll have a loss ,thats why i think alot of people give up as they weigh in between offical weigh-ins and see no loss it makes them think its not working????and feel whats the point?
My body has always shown my losses at end of the week