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Plateau's ??

I know exactly how you're feeling. My losses have really slowed down, although did perk up a bit at yesterday's.
Your body is probably just trying to adjust to the incredible losses you've had so far.
I'm sure it'll sort itself out soon.


Hey you:)
Don't worry you are actually slightly above expected (3.5lbs a week) and on target for the stone a month!
Have a look at my weekly losses....all over the place...but I got there in the end....AND SO WILL YOU!!
Have you done add-a-meal week? That sometimes tricks the body into speeding things up again;)


Just call me Anne x
You have done brilliantly, try and look at your losses as an average over 10 weeks, that's 3.6lbs a week!
What other diet would give you that.
Keep up the good work, look at old photos for motivation too xx
I haven't tried the add a meal week - I've got myself into such a zone (routine) with ss'ing I'm really reluctant to eat again yet. I still have 4 and a half stone to lose (im still 12stone 10) need to get to 8 stone 7 (I think if my maths is right). Maybe I should speak to my cdc about adding a meal ????????? Anyway thanks for the support everyone xx
Maybe your body does not need to lose anymore, or you would be losing muscle, have you done any exercises, our counsellor said if the weight loss stops, up your level of walking, and your body will burn more, and be back to the normal losses.


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I think that we just get greedy for fab weight losses at the beginning of the diet. It would be great if the massive losses happened every week but it's got to slow down!
You have both done so well and should be proud of your achievement do far. (hope I can take my own advice :D)


Only a few more pounds...
I had a plateau for about 2-3 weeks after my holiday. I wasn't very happy but after that initial period, I dropped down to the higher 10st bracket. It happens to most of us. It'll soon even itself out. x
Oh, i know exactly how you feel - i've had several weeks where i've stayed the same even though like you i was 100% SS- it's so disheartening. My CDC suggested i add a meal, which i did, and i lost weight the following week, only for it to happen again the following week grrrr! I'm on SS+ now, i figured my body needed that little bit extra. But as everyone else has said, your weight losses have been fantastic, try to look at your achievements overall rather than on a week by week basis. You're doing so well, and should be proud of yourself. Well done, and keep going!