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Please explain to me..............

Morning all...

I need some help with Christmas as i am very confused and/or stupid (feel free to delete as necessary lol).

Regardless of where i am on my TFR i am determined to have a "proper" Christmas... I realise some people will think i am silly, but i don't smoke or drink or go out throughout the year so i just LOVE my Christmases...

I know i will have to refeed beforehand so that i can still be sensible, but i don't know when to start it.. I was hoping to start it at the beginning of December but my pharmacist says i should start beginning to mid November.

I want to stay on TFR as long as possible to maximise my weight loss, and will go back to TFR in January.

I do not really understand refeeding so i would really appreciate advice and help from other forum members who are better informed or who have done it..

Thank you all x x
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Don't know about refeed yet Sue but having looked at everything from
Atkins to Dukan I think the best is low Gi after official refeed
Irish Molly did it if u look at her Diary /stats she kept loosing on it
and has maintained Im sure someone else will post a more informative reply
I will be interested too as Im refeeding in Nov x
Thanks for replying Wamser.. Congratulations for doing so well x x

I am definitely going to follow weight watchers eventually, as it has worked for me in the past, but i am an impatient mare and wanted it to come off quickly lol


Real name Seán
I'm on my 4th day of refeed. Planning on doing it for a fortnight but have alredy got my mindset into changing my eating habits from here on in. It is all about introduing the right foods, in the right amounts in the right order enabling your body to slowly store back up it;s glycongen stores while not doing so excessively leading to weight gain. I'm following it to the book and mixing some excercise in. I'll wait until Monday to see how I've went but I think about 2 weeks is enough time. After that I'll probably have a drink here and there but have no plans for take-aways or the like and will be doing gym classes so I'm hoping this maintains weight loss. If you feel you can do TFR until a couple of weeks before Christmas you would probably be best doing that, then follow refeed exactly. Don't go overboard at Christmas, have a few drinks, a few bites to eat, be merry, excercise in between and have a good time. Your 'diet' doesn't just stop at the end of TFR, it only begins. You need to change everything about your lifestyle or it will all end up pointless and a waste of time.
Thanks Sean.. I will try and convince my pharmacist to let me start 29 November as that is my normal weigh-in day and will go back to the pharmacy 3 Jan 2011.

I don't think i will be at goal by then but i will hopefully not have gained too much (if any), but am prepared to go back to TFR to get through to goal.

Your stats are amazing.. Please keep posting, i will be really interested to see how you get on :)
slimmersue im the same as you, loooooooooooooove christmas and have to say that i WONT be on tfr over the festive period. My thoughts are that its not really fair to my husband and little girl to have me just drinking shakes at christmas, they put up with it now but i WONT be spoiling their day or mine!!!
Maybe thats not hte right way to go but i do believe that lifes to short to diet at christmas...lol
nicky xxxx
Glad i am not alone Nicky.. But i think sod the hubby and the kids.. Christmas is for ME!! lol

I totally agree with your method of thinking..

When are you going to come off TFR? Are you going to refeed? Sorry, i don't mean to sound like an interrogation! lol x x


Otherwise known as Jools
I think there is another thread somewhere about Christmas, but really you should refeed for the two weeks prior to stopping for Christmas and then make careful choices over the holidays ie mostly protein and green veg - though you will be allowed to have some carbohydrates just not too many each day. Good luck.
hey Su,

I replied to a similar thread the other day. I doubt I will be at goal by crimbo but have set out my plan of action. Because like you I Looooooooove chrismas. I will re-feed about 2 weeks before, if i still have weight to lose (i expect i will ) then straight back to in the new year if not then join WW. I don't drink so i know i will save a few Lbs on alcohol. but also will be making sensible choices over the festive period and will try and stay away from the chocolate and biscuit tins.

IT about 15 weeks til christmas....i am looking forward to 12 weeks time when i re-feed. its a target.

Maybe we should set us challenge til then ?

my sons 2nd birthday is the 16th December and i want to be in a size 14 dress (Thats 3 sizes down)
Well I'm obviously really weird...... I rarely overeat at Christmas, particularly at lunch, as I just don't fancy it after all the preparation and cooking! Sometimes I do lunch for 10 and then throw a huge black-tie party on New Year's Eve and very rarely do I eat a thing as I'm always so worried that everyone is having a good time and that the food, house, decorations, people's rooms etc are perfect!

What a sad cow eh? But I just love entertaining......
Su ask your pharmacist for a re-feed sheet, then you can read and decide well in advance. A few people on here have lost their weight in stages re-feeding and then coming back to lose some more, and it seemed to have worked well for them so I dont think it should be a problem. Good idea to make a plan in advance then you are more likely to stick to it. xx
Thanks for the replies... It was probably my thread you posted on!!

Kerry.. A friendly challenge between us sounds a great way to keep on track (notice the word friendly, just in case (or more likely when) i fall miles behind! lol) .. I am game if you are... Like you i don't drink, but am a complete pig when the chocolates come out.

Let me know what date you are gonna refeed and as near as i can, i will start too.. What day of the week is your weigh in? Mine is a Monday so 29 November would be good for me x x

I am sure you will drop 3 dress sizes for your son's birthday

Sandra.. Nothing sad about that.. To me that shows great self control.. I sit down to dinner thinking "It took me hours to blerdy prepare and cook it so am going to savour every mouthful". Your New Year sounds fantastic.. Where are you, i might just gate-crash!! lol

Daisy.. I will do that on Monday i think so i have time to digest it, and plan ahead .. Thanks hun x x
Sandra.. Nothing sad about that.. To me that shows great self control.. I sit down to dinner thinking "It took me hours to blerdy prepare and cook it so am going to savour every mouthful". Your New Year sounds fantastic.. Where are you, i might just gate-crash!! lol

Jersey....all welcome! I've already got the dress! Well TBH I've had it for nearly 20 years but I was only 9 1/2 stone then, bought it for a party that we never went to! Never been quite that thin since! Can't bear to part with it so it's been on a hanger, in a dress bag, ever since....this year is THE YEAR!!!!!
of course friendly...We need to support each other. My weigh in is on a Friday so I will probably do the Friday the 10 which is 2 weeks and 1 day re-feed before the big day :D thats 12 weeks left......We can lose an amazing amount in that time.

C'mon Su We can do this yay

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