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Please Help Me Get Back On Track.


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I've been so bad today, just going into my last week on foundation and I've had 2 extra packs :(
The rest of the group are behind me so I have to do an extra 2 weeks on foundation and I think its just pee'd me off so I'm trying to sabotage myself, I still want to lose another 14-17lbs but I was counting on going into management after next week but as my losses have been so crappy I can't.
Having thought all along abstinence was only for 100 days I just can't face the thought of another 3 weeks and even longer if my crappy losses continue :(
Im so fed up I just don't feel like there is any point anymore :break_diet:
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Come on now, just think of the weight you have already lost you don't wanna jeopardise that. I read in LL Mag that one lady lost more when she went on Management so you may still lose more, Chin up:wavey:
Just have a look at your tracker - you are SOOOO close, dont give up now when you can see the finish! You've come so far and can be justifiably proud of yourself but would be gutted if you gave up now wouldnt you? Just write it off & start afresh - tomorrow is a new day. Big hugs :)


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Stick with it at least it was only 2 packs and not naughty food your soooo close xxxxxx


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Awww Pixie, dont be down on yourself. You had 2 extra packs it could have been much much worse.
Put it behind you, you have come so far and have not got far to go until you reach your target. What is 3 extra weeks when you have the rest of your life being happy with your new goal weight.....if you think about it its not that long really.

Keep your chin up and be strong, you can and will succeed. xx


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Thanks guys, I'm so annoyed with myself :whoopass:
I don't kow why I am doing this,it just feels like its taking forever, I know it isn't but when everyone else is losing 5-7lbs a week and I'm losing 2 its really hard :badmood:


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Hi Pixie,

Your doing so well and you are very near the finish line. As you get near your goal weight you really can't expect such big losses.

Don't let the old chatterbox get the better of you.

As Sonkie has said you did well:)

Love Mini xxx

S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
Every one is different, I was the slowest loser in my class even when I was sticking to it 100 %

The thing to remember is whatever you lose (when you have stuck to it) its the maximum possible loss. Had you been on any other diet your loss would have been less than the norm there as well. If weight watchers avg 1.5, you would have lost less than a pound. Does that make sense?

Who knows anyway, don't you dare give up you are doing so well, and at this point with more to go until your target you would have gone into development which is pretty much the same as foundation anyway, so the extra time means nothing really!

I seem to remember you have had it hard with this programme, and you have done incredibly well to stick to it this long, just another few weeks, and you'll be there!

Best of luck

Like the others said, 2 packs is nothing in the great scheme of things. You have done fabulously to lose the weight you have and you are on the home straight now. Just think of how fab you will look this summer...

It's only natural to compare with others in the group but we are all different and lose at different weights. You possibly had less to lose in the first place so it will have come off more slowly.

Take care and chin up - you can do it :)


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Hey I have only been having 1 or 2 for a few weeks now, so am overdue a decent loss. Though the picking hasnt helped...lol. Hopefully the last 3 days have paid off.

We can do this......focus on where you want to be !
And you will be there in no time. xx
I echo everything everyone has said, dont undo the hard work you have put in, and dont underestimate the will power you have, you have done so so so well, 3 weeks hun, to be where you want to be for ever x


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Im so pathetic aren't I?
I know its only 3 weeks and I know I must sound so whingey and sad when it could be a lot worse.
How do you all stay so strong?
Hey Pixie...I had an extra pack tonight. It's the looooong Easter break - it's killing me! I'm thinking it could've been so much worse so trying not to beat myself up about it.

I'm wondering if it's the thought of those extra 3 weeks that's the problem? I find that if I look too far ahead I put myself on a real downer. One day at a time and all that. I'm sure I will be equally frustrated when I get to my 100 day mark and know that I'm probably going to have to do another 60 days before management.

In terms of staying strong - for me it's the mental kick I get if I've got through a real challenge, like a big night out or an 'occasion' which is full of food and drink! I bet you've faced some real challenges and overcome them, because your loss is so good. What did you do that allowed you to overcome them? What's different now?

Keep the faith :D
S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
How do we stay strong?

Speaking for myself I have felt exactly like you, and have allowed myself 'breaks'. All I have achieved by that is making it harder and having to do it for longer.

I really really wish I hadn't caved in, I would have been at target at least a couple of months ago.

You deserve to make it Pixie! Keep going hun!



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I will beat my fat ass!:giggle:
I gona go to bed now and read some more Gillian Riley cos the Lemon bars are a calling me from the kitchen! :sigh:


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Well Pixie I really hope you've gone to bed - I'm sure when you wake up tomorrow the world will look a different place. As everyone has said, it was only 2 packs and it could have been so much worse.

You've done brilliantly to lose so much, you really are an inspiration -- and just think, with those extra 3 weeks you could well be at goal :)



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Hi Pixie, how you doing ?
Hope you are feeling a little more positive today.
Keep away from any eggs, or chocolate, be strong.
Hiya Pixie, There is no easy way of staying strong, the last few weeks on the end of diet for me was sooooooooo hard!!! I could have caved in big time. Im glad I didnt know, and no, you dont sound pathetic,its just when the end is in sight its hard to keep focussed on the place that you are in right now! You arent alone at all x


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Bit more positive today Ive been bloody mountain climbing in Wales!
Probably burnt off those extra packs eh?
Gonna go out again in a bit with the Dog too..
The only problem is I've already had my stuff for today and still wanna eat! :cry:

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