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Please help me... I cracked

S: 22st5lb C: 20st11lb G: 12st5lb Loss: 1st8lb(7.03%)
It is day 6 today, i've come home and totally broke down saying its not for me. thought it was going to get easier but this just isn't. I'm always starving and getting depressed. So I went and ate the cheese burger I was craving. My stomach now feels massively bloated and I feel very sluggish.

I am so confused I thought I was happy to jack it in but am I. How do I get that willpower back and stop it happening again and make it easier?

Please help me....
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ok, you ate a cheese burger, dont loose your head, dont eat anything else, continue tommorow lesson learnt....youv the hardest part over you. After about 8 days the side effects fade. im only on day 1 second time round, im so dreading this week but if i do it ill be elected. trust me first week is hard lasat time i did it id road rage for about 3 days, i should of been put in mad house!!but i got thru it n lost 3 stone. you can do it too...


Back on the diet train...
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aww hun big hug!!!

i know how you feel hun. the last few times i did this diet i hated it and ended up cheating!! but this time i can finally understand what everyone was talking about when thay say they enjoy it etc.

now you have to think about your cravings as your bodies attempt to get you to eat, its a very clever thing the body and it doesnt want to lose the fat stores as they will keep the body alive during a famine, not realisin we live in a time where food is everywhere.

the 1st week is always the worst and it takes a while to get into the swing of things but it does get better hun. just remember its not forever. thats how i think, a few months out of my life to get myself sorted.

ok so you have eaten the burger, now you have to decide do you want to continue hun??? if yes then draw a line under this little blip and start afresh. no guilt or bad feelings. if not then thats the decision thats best for you.

well done for telling us hun. thats the first step. i hope this helps hun and good luck. let us know what you decide.

S: 22st5lb C: 20st11lb G: 12st5lb Loss: 1st8lb(7.03%)
Thanks for all this I really need it. I'm gonna try again tomorrow I think and see how it goes but my worries are now that how do i stop it happening again, any tips and I'm sure I was in ketoses yesterday as it was easy on day 5 but have i probably knocked myself out of ketoses and have to start again.

Thank you so much xxx


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Bex has hit the nail on the head.....(great post by the way ) .....Its really up to you......yes you had a blip ...you ate a cheeseburger but that was all ....it could have been a bigger blip....as already said if you wish to continue start tomorrow with a new mind set and we will help you through xx
S: 22st5lb C: 20st11lb G: 12st5lb Loss: 1st8lb(7.03%)
Thank you all. I will be trying again tomorrow because eating has actually made me feel worse but its funny how the cravings have buggered off. xxx


Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
the only thing i can say is to keep busy and keep drinking the water hun.

what about a diary where you can write down all the thoughts and feelings you have and hopefully this will help you to stick with it. ??? i wrote down all the reasons i hate being fat, the health issues etc and if i feel weak i read about how i used to feel. it helps.

i also have a horrible picture of myself in my purse near my money so i see that first, at the start this helped especially as i was addicted to chocolate and i work in a dvd shop that sells chocolate!!! very hard.

you could put them on your fridge or somewhere you will see them with why you doing the diet or with a picture of clothes you want to be in etc and it might help you focus.

these are just ideas hun. dont forget to pop on here aswell. :)

hope you feel better soon hun



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OK, it's done now and you can't take it back so just put it behind you and move forward. The first week is the worst! You may have been in Ketosis, but you have just had a little blip and will be right back there before you know it! Give it another go, the benefits are so worth it. Since I started on my lipotrim journey about a year ago with lots of blips along the way I have lost nearly 3 stones and feel so much happier. You will do it! x

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