please help me i have fell of the waggon big time


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i am so disapointed in myself, i have eaten today and not just a little, im on my eighth week and really needed something i bout a cookie from a cookie shop and had that, then i had a leftover enchilada from last night and then a snack size time out................ what do i do now, do i need to be sick or what??? i was so pissed of cos i only lost three this week :(
help please:break_diet:
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NO don't make yourself sick, put it behind you now, have your shake tonight and lots of water, tomorrow go back to your normal 3 shakes and you'll be fine, keep busy tomorrow too, once you've eaten you do feel hungrier, I found that anyway, you'll be fine hun, don't worry too much xx


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You have lost a lot of weight . Well done. Is this the first time you broke. I've been away from the forum a while.
Get back on the diet as soon as possible. Make sure you drink the water. Flush that out as quick as you can.
Take a fools advice, its not worth it. If you really really feel that you are breaking do it on chicken pieces or tinned fish. If you do this 2 days in a row then you should refeed. You will distroy all the hard work and put up to a stone on within a week. Don't do that to urself after all the hard work uve done up to now.
3 lb is not a bad weight loss. Give it another 7 days and see how you go.
Good luck with it ......


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*Big hug* You can't undo the days picking, but you CAN put it behind you.

Don't be tempted to cary on picking. Just read through the forum, i find it helps me loads.

Stay strong and don't worry. :) x


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Your not the 1st to break & wont be the last...but you need to just put it behind you & get straight back on it...i have & others have...if you dont pick anymore you may not affect your weight loss next time....well done on the 3lbs loss...not all of us have big losses every week...& some have a small loss one week & a huge loss the next....stay strong hun you can do this!!! check out the inspiration slide show from time to helps me,good luck!!! Caz xx


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Put it behind ya hunny and start again!! We all have those little blips.


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Don't worry about it hun just dont let it get you down, you have done so well up to now just pt it behind you and carry on xx


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Gem you were my inspiration to start, I visit another forum you also visit and you mentioned you lost 10lb on Lipotrim, I read up on it straight away and haven't looked back, if I lose 4lbs this week that will be a 2 stone loss in 6 weeks ! so in a sense you have helped me along the way.
Please stay strong, you are doing so well, chin up girl.


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What's done is done Gem and you need to stop dwelling on it and start over. Remember how rubbish you feel with yourself now and use that to help next time you falter. I have had low loss weeks and have felt really downhearted but I knew that if I succumbed then I'd feel even worse - and my teenage daughter would give me such grief about it!!!! She is a hard task master and I couldn't bare her disapproval!!!! Should it be the other way around?

We are none of us perfect but the best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

Good luck hun, have faith in yourself - You can do this!!!!