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Please help me stop myself !

I only started this week yo and have bern tempted! I find it hard cause I'm used to weighing myself every morning. Not a good idea can ruin your day ?

Hope its going well for you x


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I think i'm doing ok, i think thats why i wany to weigh lol
Reassurance helps. I've had a day of using up all my extra points so feeling I'm going to have no loss in the morning eeek!

Have decided to have my weigh in monday am so fingers crossed ?


Can't wait to have 1 chin
You'll be fine beauty, think light ! lol

I'm jealous, i have to wait til thursday !

Let me know how you get on :)


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I'm well tempted today. Got weighed at dr's but asked him not to tell me eeeeeeeeeeek
Lost 3/4 lb!?! Can't help but be disappointed. Suppose it's ok not a whole wk, only started Thursday to ?


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Better than 3/4 on i suppose !

Lets keep out fingers crossed for thurs, i weigh in then too
Fingers and toes crossed, will be trying hard this wk!

Trouble is I'm good all wk then my husband comes home, he works away in the wk, and it all goes out the window!! Must try harder lol


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Men are the route of all evil ! lol

Try and save some weeklies so you don't feel so bad, i have to save as many as i can for fri nights when my OH comes over
Your right!! Lol

Think the only way to go is plan ahead, will save them as much as I can from now on


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I've had an extra 5 today, well i'll be having them later...for sure !
I have 4 left, sat trying to decide what to use them on Mmmmmmm lots of nice things to be had lol
I can't decide, thinking strawberries and cream??


has started again!!
I weighed today, only started last Weds. BAD MOVE......no idea how my scales compare with class, but I hadnt lost a blummin ounce.......

sooo down now.....wish I hadnt done it.

Please learn from this......;)
Oh dear! Could be your scales are just different??

I'm doing mine on line so I have to weigh myself, only on a Monday thought which is difficult cause I'm used to doing it daily ? not a good start to the day when you never lose any weight!

Hopefully that will all change now ?

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