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I'm at the end of my tether with myself, i'm totally off plan, i'm eating everything in sight, i've put on my 1/2stone that i lost and i'm completely miserable,
I no i have to do it, i just don't no how to get my resolve back :mad:

Looking at your wedding dress:confused:. A look at the Inspirational photos thread? Maybe taking some time to write down what you think has taken you off plan?

sending :hug99:and positive vibes to you. Stick around on here for support if you
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Sorry to hear that your so miserable! I have been in the same position as yourself. What you need to do is pick a day that you want to re-start, say 5th Jan. Then make sure you get all your naughty eating out of the way by then, and set yourself the goal of re-starting SW on that day. You will find that because you are giving yourself "license" to eat what you like until 5th Jan, you probably won't eat that much because you have allowed it. It will also give you time to get your head in the zone!

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oh honey im so sorry your feeling like this..ask yourself what inspired you to start sw in the 1st place??go back to week 1 and start tomorrow as a new member,go back to basics,write everything down,plan your meals,vary your meals,we re all here to help you..xx


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hey hun, dont be hard on yourself - ull get it back.

Just think thts it over now and get back on plan

Plan ur meals ahead and get tht gorgeous dress everywhere to give you an extra boast xx

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we all fall off the don't worry about it....just say to yourself i'm havin a break...cos u have to be in the right mind set to keep to the sw eatin plan....this is my third go at sw....just enjoy the weekend and start a new on u time to go shoppin and get all your free food ready for monday................good luck...


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Don't beat yourself up... as we have all said here ... we have been there.

Sit down with some pen and paper and your books and plan your meals... cook in advance.. have lots of free food that you like to munch on throughout the day so you don't stray.. and eat lots of it!

Planning is the key... then think about how you want to be... and visualise that... then give yourself a stiff talking to.

Write a pros and cons list... and remember you are not cheating anyone but yourself... and we all know that you can do this... YOU CAN!

Good luck


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i'm going through the same problems as you....but i'm trying to be good and taking it one day at a time.

the thing is you've already put on half a stone, but if you carry on the way you are that half a stone could easily be a stone by the time xmas is out of the way. get back on plan, take some time out at xmas, then go for it in january ;)


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Hi nic

I have been the exact same recently, i had been coming on here giving out the good advice but couldn't do it myself. Decide on a day to get back on plan, when you are feeling that your head is in the right place then give it your all. You can do this, and we will all support you all the way hun, go for it x

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Thanks everyone, I've made a decision to join a group on monday, i'm going to make a menu plan and keep a folder of all my meal plans, I'm going to get super organised and hopefully that will get me to stay on track. I'd like to be sticking to it by christmas, other wise i'll go crazy and i don't want to put on another stone before restarting, if that makes sense.
Can i ask, has the new plan been launched in group yet?
Tonight i'm out for pizza with my sister in law, so i'll use this to feed the junk food demons.