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please help quick!

Ive had a rubbish day and have been REALLY wanting to eat all weekend and its just come to a head today when I had a rubbish day in work and food is the first thing i think of! Im really considering just having a salad coz im feeling really moody and miserable. Does anyone else find they feel like this on LT? its affecting my work - i work in a sales role so have to be upbeat and if i'm moody my performance is rubbish! would a salad do that much damage? i think i know the answer :-( its like i want to rebel against myself and eat lol how ridiculous :(
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I will be skinny again!!!
To be honest chick, everyone goes through stages like this.. I did with subway and had it in my hand!

But it honeslty isnt worth it and you will feel even worse in the morning for eating

Get a bath pampers yourslef and have any early night xx
in ur hand?! no way!! good on u for refusin it at the crunch time! Yeh ive just had a shake and still feel a bit annoyed lol but i know i need to get through it, its my 1st weigh in tomoro so hopefully that will spur me on


I will be skinny again!!!
Oh defo chick!!

The weigh ins make the following week soooo much easier!!!

Yup step away from the salad :)

You can do it chick! and you will probably wake up tomorrow.. bad mood completley gone and you will be sooo glad you didnt give in!!

Yeah it was in my hand and I was sooo close to opening it but realised I actually couldnt do it!!
yeh i know what ya mean, do u ever wake up and for a split second feel devastated coz u think u've eaten the night before and then realise u havent? lol i do that ALL the time and its SO good when i realise i havent lol mad hey. So what did u do with the subway? did u give it to someone? lol i cant believe the shear will power!

Another thing is a cant stop fantasising about what i could be eating lol i hope i will still be able to eat nice things but maybe i'll be full much quicker when i come off this so wont be able to eat loads of it anyway. Do u find u cant eat as much now? has bein on LT helped u sort out your problems with food?xx


I will be skinny again!!!
yeah I gave it to my boyfriends dad lol!!

Oh yeah.. Food dreams are really bad, I still keep having them about eating loads of fresh cream buns lol!!

Oh defo not, Im full like on really small portions lol compared to what I used to eat etc!

And yeah all the healthy food tastes absoultley amazing now!! and I can honestly say I have only been tempted by peanut butter, Which I had a lick of and then spat out again lol!!
what are boyfriends dads for ey? lol. thats good then, i just need to make sure that when i come off this i stop eating when im satisfied rather than full to the brim! and then i should be fine, thats the biggest problem i had before i went on this which is why im overweight, i did eat junk and that but it was more the SHEAR quantity of it! thanks for this chat hun, its really helped me get a grip of myself!xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
No probs chick!!

Yup Mine was junk and the quantity of the junk lol!!!!


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The salad would do HUGE harm, maybe not to ketosis, but it would be the start of a slippery slope. DONT DO IT!!! You will regret it big time! Hang in there.

I had a similar moment with a tube of jelly tots over the weekend! They were litterally calling to me! Just stay strong!

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