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Please help when to register son to join school

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Ok my son will be 2 on the 7th December this year.

Does this mean he should be starting school September 2012? I'm rubbish at this or is it when he's going to be turning 5????

It's just that the school I want to send him to are taking the register for intakes Sept 2012 & I haven't got a clue.

Please someone help me, thanks.
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Well it's a long time since my son was that age, but I registered him for school when he was two. It was mainly because the school I wanted him to go to was out of our catchment area and you had to register as early as poss to get in! Oh and he started full time school when he was 4......he was only just 4 too.

Sorry. not much help, but I would say it depends on the school, how many intakes per year they have etc.

I think it's different according to where you live tbh.

Best thing to do would be to give the school a quick call and ask their advice, then you know for sure.

Don't leave it too late though, schools aren't under any obligation to provide a place for everyone just because they're in the catchment anymore.



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Oh and usually, if the childs birthday falls after August, like your sons does, then round here (only certain schools though) he would have to wait until Sept 2013 to start fill time school, unless they have an Easter intake.

Have you got him registered for nursery (part-time school) yet?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Thanks ladies, I'd a bit of a panic as thought he had to be on the list by now. He starts reception class in the year he becomes 5 just checked the school website.

I can't believe how far in advance you have to think of these things. In Ireland you just go to the school in your town/village none of these list things lol
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Here you can register your child at any school but it doesn't mean he's guaranteed a place, those closer and with siblings will get placed there first but there's often extra spaces so don't panic! You will get a form in the post I think in the new year before he's due to start so that's 2013 and you list your 3 preferences. You then hear in about March which school he's been placed at. If it's not your favourite you can try and get it changed but it doesn't always happen. That's how it's done around here at least.


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Children can go to school the september AFTER they turn 4, if their birthday is before September 1st.
You will get a form from your local LEA, where you will be asked for your 'preferences'. Note, there is no guarantee that you will get into your chosen school, or any of your preferred schools. All schools will have a criteria list which should be available from the website. Church schools will be slightly different again, but, you still need to complete the form from the LEA and may have to provide secondary forms if its a church school.

The criteria are usually,
Children in 'care'
Siblings of children already at the school
(if it is a church school, then children of regular church goers will come next)

These are just a guidline, please do check the school website, and your local LEA website.:) but, it schools are NOT allowed to have a first come, first served system and even if your child has attend pre-school or nursery attached to a primary school this will not guarantee you a place there.

Children do not HAVE to attend school until the september after they turn 5. However, if you do choose to defer, your child will go straight into year one, without doing reception year. This has many drawbacks including, lots of basic education will be done in reception, number recognition, letters, writting, colours and so on, and perhaps as important, social bonding between the children will be started and so a deferred child will be the 'new' kid in year 1.

Of course, after all that, you could always choose to home educate, but thats a whole different kettle of fish.;)

Hope that helps a little.
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i'm confused now lol I know when my ds turns 2 i have to put his name down for nursery hes 2 sept 2nd so when does that mean I have to do his school thing

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