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I signed up for the 3 month membreship online at body optimizer which as you all probably know i the online version of slimmers world. Basically i am confused,
Im struggling to use the site to its full capabilities and also im struggling with what i can and cannot eat. this morning for instance (my first day)
i had a cup of tea and 2 weetabix with skimmed milk (half pint)
now according to the guide if im correct this is 11 sins so that leave me with almost nothing to eat for the rest of the day unless i eat my own weight in veg.
please help because i know im going wrong here somewhere and im really desperate to get stuck into this diet.
Thanx all xxx
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2 weetabix is a Healthy Extra B choices (HEB) and 250ml of semi skimmed milk is a Healthy Extra A choice (HEA). So, you don't need to syn these unless you want to.

Are you doing Extra Easy of Red/Green? On Red/Green you get 2 HEBs and 2 HEAs and on Extra Easy you have 1 of each.

The main thing with this plan is to eat free foods:

Green day = pasta, veg including potatoes etc (you'll find a full list online)

Red day = lean meats and vegs but NO potatos etc (again find a list online)

Extra Easy = everything that is free on Green and Red days, but losing the extra Healthy Extras hits you in the syn department harder. But it is easy to do and works as well as the Red/Green plan.

There are also speed and superspeed foods, which again will be listed online.

I'm gonna go onto the website now and I'll come back and tell you where you'll find info...

OK back armed with the pages you'll need.

Log on and go to the syn calculator...there is a list down the left hand side that includes 'latest healthy extras'. This will list everything you can have on each plan.

There is also a free foos list A-Z page too a few under the HE list. Go have a read of that too.

Also use the food diary! Selecting the type of day you're on and filling the foods in (HEBs/HEAs and free foods etc) will calculate it for you. It adds your syns up and will help you track if you're going over etc.

There is so much available to eat that you will get into a routine where you can use your syns on treats and make meals from free foods.

I think this is the big downfall with the online method as you don't get the chat and intro at the group in person....but...

I bet there will be an online help number to call? Never done this myself but I bet you will get help and advice there too.

Good luck!!! :D

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Well done Sticky a really good and helpful answer to mightycee and the rest of us here. X
thanx for the advice, i dont mean to sound like a complete plank but when do i have a red day and when do i have a green day? how many of each do i have? i dont understand the ratio of the 2.
like i said earlier.
i had 2 weetabix for breakie
a tuna sarny for lunch (on seeded batch with just butter no mayo)
what day could this be considered and would going to a bbq tonightfit into it and if so what can i eat? im so confused, im sorry ive never done anything like this before. thanx all x

i think the biggedt confusion for me is the fact that everything has a sin rating and ive worked out that ive had my daily quota of sins so do i sit in the house and miss the bbq? every bit of chicken and sausage has a syn so what do i do?
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Oh dear hun, I think you need to read all the info on the site - do they not send you any books or any info?
You need to decide if you are doing a red, green or EE day each day, you can do whichever you like, whenever you like.
Yes, everything does have a syn value but this is for when it is not a free food or when you have had your HEX's.
Your weetabix is a B choice
Your milk is an A choice
Your tuna is free food on red
Seeded batch - hmm, I'm not sure if this is a HEX B? Maybe, but one slice from a large loaf is a B choice and 2 from a small loaf is a B choice. So assuming you had 2 large slices then this is your second B choice and you would have to count 6 syns for the other slice.
Butter has a syn value.
If you go to the BBQ then you can eat chicken with skin removed for free on red, any chops or kebabs with fat removed. Steer clear of sausages or burgers unless they are home made from lean mince!

SW is difficult to get your head around initially but once you do it is fantastic.

I'd say read all the stuff and start again hun.

Anything else, ask away!
cheers sweetheart.
I think the admins of the site have a lot to answer for, theyve just given me access to a site for 3 months at a rate of 60 quid, i signed up beause im desperate, trouble is theyve left me to my own devices and i dont know anyone whos been on this diet b4. So ive wasted 60 quid because im now scared to look at anything, my entire family are tucking into allsorts outside and im in here frantically trying to find out what i can have and im still none the wiser.


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No such thing as a stupid question! But I agree that you need to go away and read the website and take a look at this thread.


SW is not like WW where you have a limited amount of points per day. Yes you have 5-15 syns but these are for treats and extras. Each plan has a list of free foods that you can eat as much as you want. So certainly no need to go hungry just because you've used your syns for the day.

To be honest I would call today a bad day, go to your BBQ but eat sensibly (you know the things you need to avoid) and start again tomorrow after reading the info about the plans.

Good luck and enjoy the BBQ.


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Hi i agree with everything others have said and not much more i can think of. Here is a sample of my menu for today, and you can get an idea. I am on Extra Easy.

Breakfast: 57g wholemeal bread toasted (B Choice)
3 Dairylea light triangles (A Choice)
So i had a a and b for brekkie and no syns used yet

Lunch: Jacket potato with beans (both free foods, no syns used as yet)

Dinner: Sausage casserole with spaghetti (spaghetti free but sausages had a syn value of 1 each so i used 4 so that makes my syns so far 4)

Tonight i will have a cadbury crunchie (9.5 syn value)
So my syns for today are a total of 13.5 (sausages and crunchie)

I can have free food if i am hungary later on, from the free lists of red or green as i am doing extra easy plan today.

I think if ii am honest you should eat what you like today and sit down tonight and go through everything and start fresh tomorow x

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