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please help !!

hi all
i am so so sorry to post this as it may seem really silly but i need to make sure. i dont know if im doing this right? ive asked my friends thats are already doing SW but they arn't very helpful and you all seen to be so here i go. i apologize once again.

i had 1 weetabix for brikki with milk ( from healthy extra a) and some fruit

had more fruit mid morn

plan to have pasta salad for dinner ( freh toms cucumber )

more fruit and 2 slices of wholemeal toast (health extra b) with low fat marg

for tea im going to have jacket spud with beans and veg on the side and some fruit for afters

my friend are telling me thats fine and would count me for about 5.5-6 syns is this right?

i would rather get it wrong now and be helped to get it right than fail again

please help

thanks xx:eek:
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From this I deduce you are doing a green day?

Breakfast - you can have 2 weetabix as a B choice with milk as your A choice

Fruit is free
Pasta salad is free
Jacket potato, beans and salad are all free
Toast is a B choice (are you having 2 slices from a 400g loaf?)

Measure the low fat spread, it'll be a couple of syns.

If you are doing EE then you get one B choice so your weetabix will be 3 syns and the marg a couple. In which case your friends are quite correct.


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Hiya :)

I presume you are doing an Extra Easy day?

If you are not counting your Weetabix as a HEB they are 6.5 syns for two.

Also, just be careful what bread you use, are your slices from a small loaf?

I level tablespoon of Flora light is 2.5syns too...

Apart from that I think it looks fine!

Good luck, Emma xx


likes to eat!
sorry jaylou, we crossed posts, I guessed at EE day! :)
There's no meat or fish on it though so I'd have thought green!
However..... as she is a newbie I suspect that she would have been told to do EE, in which case it's still all fine and her friends are right :)
wasnt aiming for a green day just what i liked that were on the list but now i know it classes as one lol
yes im doing EE . my conclusion was that my milk and bread ( from a 400g loaf ) were my heathy extras so my weetabix and magre were 5 syns. so i got it right thatnk god. now i have just to got to get used to it and start makeing better meals lol
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Newbie on here but been doing slimming world for the last year & am part of the support team for my consultant.

I'm not too sure where the 5-6 syns have come from but if you didn't have the low fat marge on your toast that would be a free green day along with using your healthy A & both B's (Weetabix & Toast)

Why not try mashed banana on toast so it's not dry then you're not wasting syns on margarine?? If you do have margarine it depends what make it is before you know the syn value. Do you have the food directory? If not log on to the SW website & do a product search. That will give you the exact value.

Are you making your fruit a bit more exciting or just having plain fruit? Try a mullerlight poured over chopped fruit, gorgeous!! Or make some fruit jelly's with a packet of Hartley's sugar free jelly crystals, only 1&1/2 syns per packet & you can make 4 desserts from it. You can also make the mouses with the jelly & mullerlights.

I'm sure you already know all of this but hope it helped. Sorry if not :) I don't have bread or margarine at all so just a few ideas for you to try.

Good luck hunni


sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
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:confused: Oh my word, slimming world is soooo confuzzling!!! I never was any good with it!! You guys do so well being so organised & disciplined!! :p
im quite excited by it the looking stuff up for syn values and so on actually takes my mind of eating lol. just hope i can hit my target intime but with you lovely people to help im sure i willxxx


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Not on Green or Extra Easy - if you were having it as a HEB on Red you'd have to weigh/measure :)

What's the event you are dieting for? Notice you said "in time" on last post?
thanks for that.
i want to loose weight in general but i have 2 things spuring me on. i am awaiting some fertility help from the hospital and they want me to loose some more weight first so have until 19th jan to loose 35-40 pound and secondly, because we have to wait until jan for the help my husband booked a holiday for us and our little boy . we fly out to tennerife on NYE to meet up with his fam.



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S: 14st6.0lb C: 14st1.0lb G: 9st6.0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st5lb(2.48%)
ooooh how lovely - plenty to look forward to in the new year then - plenty of incentives to stick to plan - good luck :D


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I too would have had this as a gree day, giving you another HEA choice and 1 more weetabix for a HEB. leaving you having only used a couple of syns for the marge.

If your not having any meat or fish EE seems a bit pointless as your missing out on 2 HEA's. EE was designed to have meat and carbs with out weighing them.

You'll get the hang of it :)

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