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Please help

Please can someone or everyone give me a massive kick up the bum!

No matter how well my week starts it since Christmas it just ends up completely off plan. On my way to WI now but I really doubt I will have lost anything. Probably going to be sts again or even worse a gain :-(

I just don't know what to do to keep on track all week? I always start the week with a food diary but by Thursday I just stop filling it in!
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Hi karenhornby guess what? you've just given yourself a kick up the rear by deciding to go along to wi thats great and the first step it take courage to go knowing that you may have gained so welldone listen to any advice you get then when home you could maybe write down some menus for the week including snacks to have this i find helps me.... good luck for wi and the week ahead :)
To be honest I already no my problem. I organise the start of the week but then not the rest.
I think I will do what u said and write down my menu and recipes for the whole week.

I am OK when I plan everything. Just needed to have my winge before WI and get it out of my system.
Well it wasn't as bad as I thought. Another STS which I can live with.

I did push myself to go to the gym afterwards though and managed 40 mins of cardio


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well done to you!! keep a food diary, i don't always plan my meals but i find keeping my food diary makes me think about what i am eating before i put it in my mouth, so i usually manage to stay on track :)
good luck for the week ahead x
Well it wasn't as bad as I thought. Another STS which I can live with.

I did push myself to go to the gym afterwards though and managed 40 mins of cardio
hi karen perhaps u can give me a kick up the bum i just can't seem to get back on track :( well done for the sts and u done well to go to the gym afterwards, well i am going to get off my large arse and go for a walk its too nice to be in have a good day x


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I honestly find keeping a STRICT food diary the best way to stay on track. By writing down everything that goes in my mouth each day I'm far less likely to go off plan. I can also reign it back in if I look back at the last couple of days and realise I've been less than saintly. I have mine on the computer, I'm on and off it during the day anyway so it's easy to keep updated AND if I have a bad week I can look back at a good week to see what I need to change to start loosing again.

Keep going, YOU CAN DO THIS!

I know how you feel. I seem to have one good week and then one bad week. And even on my bad weeks, I start off really well and then something will throw me off. And it seems I have the same pattern as you. If I track, I lose (am on WW). If I don't, I don't lose.

My attitude is to try not to beat myself up about it. As long as I keep trying and keep getting back on the horse as it were. And as long as overall, over, say, a month, you are having an overall weight loss.

None of us are perfect and life has a way of throwing things in the way of what we are trying to acheive, but as long as we keep trying, we still have something to be proud of.

Agree with chocaslim - that just by posting the above post, you are in effect giving yourself a kick up the bum, so well done for that! I also agree with her that planning really helps. Try to plan your meals for the week ahead so you don't have any incidents panick buying or being too tired to cook and end up scoffing something unhealthy.


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