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please help!


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Hi all coming upto my third week, and today I been wondering if I should continue or swap to low carb! Reasons being ... Last few days stomach been weird, bowel movements strange! Sorry for too much info! And today been really dizzy and feeling physically sick! Its made me feel really low and confused. I read on here that it may be low blood pressure! I drink plenty of water so its not that!

Anyway I thought about switching to atkins and due to how bad I been feeling I just ate a couple of really low carb chipolaters about 1g carbs in what I ate and a mini babybell to see if I felt better... I DONT but now I feel awful and really guilty!
I really want to stick to this but last week I been having slight picks at meat or grated cheese... DONT understand why... As I have been so good! Is it a 3 week itch? Or something?
What should I do? Do I start again tomorrow? Or do I switch to atkins? I really want to continue having good weight loss and DONT want to switch if it effects weight loss :'(

Any advice be greatful... Up until today I have been really happy on it! Really DONT understand why everything changed!
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First of all don't panic. Go talk to your pharmacist and see what they say. A few people on here seem to kind of fall off the wagon around the 3 week mark, i felt a bit shaky then too but if you can get yourself past this you will feel so proud of yourself and you will want to keep going. Honestly it does get easier again and sure we all have off days so don't worry too much. I don't think what you have been picking at will have affected your diet too much so you should be good to pick yourself up and start again tomorrow. These are just my thoughts, so if you feel unsure i would have a chat with your pharmacist.
best of luck :)
Yep week 3 is defo one of the toughest, was for me. Just try to get through it, and you will be fine once past it.

Stick to it, will be better soon :D


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Thanks guys, going to stick with it! Just got the most horrendous headache that tablets aren't shifting and think thats contributing to me feeling sick! Hope it passes soon! Up until today I was doing good, hopefully tomorrow I will feel good again. Got weigh sat so will speak to pharmacist!

Any tips to get me past this feeling? Really DONT want to fail :'( x
when it gets bad, i was in bed by 8pm :D I also found when i was feeling quite low about it, i ended up seeing big losses the next day, yep i weigh myself pretty much everyday :D just can't resist it :D


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Thanks lily and kingmaker u two are great! Today is new day! Stil not feeling great but I am going to carry on as I know I'd kick myself if I didn't! Thanks again for support! X


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You can do it sweetie! believe in yourself and try your hardest because you're right, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't keep going. Keep us up to date and we're all here to support you! good luck with today. get past today and you'll be flying! :)
i found week 3 really tough too. and i still get really light headed and dizzy - especially standing up. but i'm so determined to actually stick to something and see it through to the end that i'm not giving up until i reach 30th july like i said i would. good luck, hope you feel better.. and just think how worth it this is gonna be x

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