Please help.......

Hello, Haven't been able to get online over the weekend, problem with connection.

I was so good over the weekend. I started Friday morning, headache started Friday evening, but I struggle through (unlike the week before). Saturday a bit sluggish but Sunday was fine. Took all your tips for taking the shakes and the Choc Mint is my saviour at the minute.

HOWEVER.............. And I know I shouldn't have, but curiousty killed the cat and all that...... I stood on the scales this morning (I would normally weigh every morning, so the fact I didn't since Friday was remarkable). Anyway, Start weight 13st 4 & 3/4 lbs, todays weight... wait (crikey for a second I couldn't remember how to spell wait) for it.......... drum roll please......

13 st 9lbs

Yes you read correctly 13 st and flippin 9lbs. What rubbish. I have never tried so hard at something. My counsellor is away, great. I drank loads of water, my toilet is my new best friend. Had nothing but the shakes and soups (3 a day). I mean what the hell??????????:( :( :( :( :mad: :mad: :mad:
It's a blip, honey!! You're probably just full of water.

I know it's easier said that done but don't worry too much - keep on sticking to the plan 100% and you will lose the weight. It's impossible not to!

No one in the history of the universe can gain real weight (ie fat) on a daily calorie intake of less than 500.

Your body is just having a laugh with you, that's all.

Mine plays nasty tricks on me too!

I bet you've lost weight in the morning!
Whoa there!!! You said it yourself - you drank loads of water, have had your packs - the weight is not a true weight because of all of that. If you have only had your packs and water, you ARE getting smaller -don't get disheartened honey
Erm - just thought - was it the same scales you used on Friday and today? Cos each set of scales will weigh you differently! It's Sod's Law!
As you have been doing everything correctly there is no way you will not have lost weight. There must be some other factor in the equation. Was you starting weight done on different scales. How accurate are the scales? Clothes on off, belly full with water etc etc. I know it is hard but you should try to put that completely out of your mind. If you are sure your scales are accurate then weigh yourself in the morning after a pee, before eating or drinking and in the nude. If you are still more than your starting weight then your starting weight measurement must have been wrong. Well done for doing so well so far. I really hope that you can get past this disappointment, if you can and carry on as you started I promise you won't be disappointed for long.

Keep up the good work.

Dizzy x

When I say loads of water, I drank what I was supposed to (to me that's loads), It was the same scales. To be honest, I will see how I go in the morning and make a decision then. I was so excited after reading stories on this forum for a week before starting, but now... not so excited. My clothes don't feel any loser either. I measured my waist Friday and this morning (the same also).
Can totally understand honey, but you have got past the rough first few days - it's gotta be worth hanging on in there {{{HUGZ}}}
Just hang in there, I have weighed myself and put on 6lbs, and then the next day it was all gone and with an extra lb to boot.

Water retention is a lot to do with it, Im sure that is what it will be, dont give up now you have come so far, this diet works x
Isobel is absolutely right. If you have used different scales you will find that they will be different. I think its better to wait for your weighing weekly or fortnightly. And you must stick to your councillors scales. If you dont use different scales, then dont worry as its water, especially if you are going through a plateau.

Keep with it, it will be worth it.

Nick :)
Hi again

My only conclusion would be that there is something wrong with the scales. I cannot think of any other explanation even if it was your TOTM I don't think it would be possible to have such a large gain or gain at all given that you are on this diet. Maybe someone else can help. But I urge you to stick at it and not give up on this basis.

Dizzy x
Dont give up, honey - you are just having a bit of a teething problem. You wouldn't give up learning to drive if you ran out of petrol, would you? Give it some time - you'll be glad you did when the scales start behaving themselves!!
Thanks for your advice, will see how I am in the morning. It better be down.

Nick - I only started SSing on Friday, so if I have plateau'd already then that doesn't give me much hope. Any other diets I have tried I have at least lost a stone before I plateau'd for a few weeks.
Hi Beebtheredonethat, I know how you feel...I started only yesterday and even though I promised myself I wouldnt, I weighed myself this morning and was apprently up by 6 p*xy pounds...I calmed myself down though and am hoping it will get better by the weekend...I want to be DOWN by 6 pounds on sunday!!
Don't worry, it happens, as my dietician colleagues tell me when you stop eating your body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to as much water as it can. However, on VLCD's the body then suddenly realises that it is getting the nutrients it needs and the fluids. The body then starts to release the fluid, and weight loss follows. It also happens when you start to eat on a VLCD, your body holds onto the water to aid digestion. Happened to me this week. Didn't lose weight but lost inches (6 in total). Hang on in there, as soon as you hit ketosis it will start to fall off.
Hope that helps.

Hi beentheredonethat!
I'm in my third week of CD, and although I know I shouldn't, I do weigh myself each day. My weight fluctuates A LOT during the week, even at the same time of day just in my jammies. BUT each weigh in I lose weight - week1 13lbs week2 5lbs. Last week I was expecting to have lost very little cos of my scales, but was really really pleased with my 5lbs at official WI. SO.... weigh yourself each day if you want but I think you need to wait to the end of the week for the big picture as it were. Hope this is of some help!
Jin x