Please Help

Hi everyone,

Im sorry to say that I have made a decision to eat on thursday nite whist i am away with work for a meeting. I will only be having a dinner can anyone please advise me what i could have to cause the least amount of damage, should i avoid carbs? or protein? spicy stuff?

Hope someone can help me even tho i know i shouldnt be encouraged :(

Hey you!! Obviously you have made your decision and there is no point in me telling you to stick to the programme at this point as you have it set in your mind.......

If you eat, make it plain protein, nothing fried, no carbs, no alcohol. Basically for the food front think green and white, green veg and white meat. Small amount and no sauces and then straight back on the programme. This is the hardest bit, it's not the food that does the damage, it's the continuation of eating, and eating the wrong things after that is the problem.

Best of luck!! remember the control you have just now with your diet and take it with you to dinner!!

I think the advice you have been given about protein and green veg in a small quantity is good advice, and I have nothing to add.

However, I was wondering why you have decided to break the diet. Is it because you don't want to eat a pack in front of other people?

I'm just wondering if there was anything anyone could say or do that might help you to stick with the packs.
Hiya Cheeky

I know exactly what your going through as I went through a similar thing early into the LL Programme. I think I was about six weeks into it and I had lost a couple of stones by then and was well into it. At work we have two meetings outside the office, basically as a motivational thing which usually involves staying in a nice hotel, 5 course evening meal, evening out as much drink as you can eat and the dreaded FULL ENGLISH next day not to mention the numerous danish's, biscuits, sweets for sucking in the meeting etc. I could easily put on 5lbs in a couple of days of this constant eating.

Well on the 10th August we were scheduled to go away to Whitley Bay in the North East. I battled with myself whether I should make an excuse and stay at home and blame it on the kids or TOTM or whether I should go, eat and nobody would be none the wiser and get back straight on the programme. But my first thoughts were (would I????) would I be able to get straight back into it. So I decided to pack my blender, my foodpacks, bottles of water and I still went but throughout the couple of days I didn't eat one crumb. I sat there with the other team members whilst they tucked into their 5 courses and I asked for a mug and a jug of hot water and and teaspoon. I sat with a smile on my face and watched everybody look at me in amazement. After I had my soup, I eat a bar and then had a black coffee afterwards with everybody else. I drank water all evening flavoured with my fruits of the forest stuff and when I got into my bedroom that night I was so proud of myself.

Many a time we eat to please other people and so not to bring attention to ourselves but Im so glad I was strong at that point.

I have eaten since which was at my brother's wedding and like everybody else on this post has said, I kept to greens, protein lots of veg, kept off the carbs, and I had half a glass of champagne. I also had a small salad and beef stroganoff for the evening buffet and then just bacon, beans and scrambled eggs for my breakfast and when I got weighed three days later I still lost 4lbs that week which amazed me at the time.

I started the programme on the 26th June and during this time I have only eaten once and I have now lost 5 stones since then. A few group members have taken a break and then ate and then tried to get back onto the programme and they have frightened me by saying it is very hard and it puts them back quite a few weeks until they get round to the idea.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do and hope this has been helpful to you.:eek:

I have had several planned meals and a couple of unplanned and have lost each week, albeit it at a lesser rate to others.

If you are going to eat, get something like a steak and veg or grilled chicken salad. Write down parameters and stick to them.

Afterwards, physically draw a line through the day (or put brackets around it) in your diary so that you can close it off and get back to abstinence immediately.

I was away yesterday in London at an awards ceremony and ate. For the first time I had a bread roll (up til now I haven't had any carbs at all) and have been absolutely starving today. Normally I have managed to stay in ketosis or have been able to slip back in very quickly due to having minimal carbs so please learn from my mistake on this one because today has been one of the most difficult so far.

Good luck, enjoy the food, don't feel guilty and get straight back on to it immediately afterwards.