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Please help...


Fab & Fit For Florida
Ok, i really don't care if i give tmi cos i am crying i am so scared..

can't go to the loo... it's basically stuck and i know it's there cos i can feel it...

took a dulcolax at about 4, had a bath and now i really can't go....

i'm crying, my mascara is all over my face, don't know what to do, please help
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Step away from the chips!
The dulcolax will work but it takes about 6 or 7 hours so please try to hang in there, dont be scared or worrying yourself, cos you WILL go. Try drinking lots of water as that will help too

I know from past experience the pain you're in so sending big hugs to you xx


Gold Member
oh no.....poor you....:( sounds like you're in a lot of discomfort.....

have you tried senokot max ????

make sure you drink loads of water... hope you feel better (and 'go' :rolleyes:) very very soon.......

you might want to use Cambridge Fibre89 or pysllium husks in your shakes every day to prevent a re-occurrence.....

Debz xx
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The ducolax should work but will take a little longer, I know how miserable it can be. Please try to resist straining though. Strong black coffee can also help stimulate the bowel.

Hugs xxx


Finally a size 12!
Oh hun :( !!!!

Duxolax is defo the best one so give it time chick and it will work drink lots and lots and maybe have a lie down for a bit :( xxxxxxx


Proper Little Madam
You will go don't panic...try and relax...maybe go to bed early and by morning the dulcolax will have worked.
Constipation is a misery...I know I have suffered myself.
Get some fibre-sure to take everyday and some glycerine suppostries...you pop them into the back passage and they melt and help lube the dried, hard poo out (sorry about TMI).
But please, please try not to get too upset...we have all have all been there or are still there...it's just one of the few negative side effects of fantastic weight loss.
Keep your chin up...you will be pooping before you know it. x


Fab & Fit For Florida
i've took one dulcolax, should i take another? i'm off for a walk with DP to take mind off it


Staying on plan!
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Strong cup of black coffee and a hot bath usually works for me. have the bath as hot as you can cope with. Lots of bubbles and let the heat warm you though hun. Fingers crossed you get some relief soon.


Fab & Fit For Florida
thanks for all your support, went for a walk but came back earlier cos it was hurting...

i feel i need to go but i am just gonna wait until the dulcolax takes full effect...

you guys have really eased my mind cos i thought i was going to end up at the hospital cos i've never had this before...

will my body force me to go when it's working? :confused:

thanks so much :p:eek::p


Finally a size 12!
OH YEAH BIG TIME!! it is such a relief when u do go you'l know hun u'll get chronic belly ache x
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Yes, try try to lie down and relax, your body will tell you when it's time!



Proper Little Madam
It is probably hurting because the poo is dry and hard and it may feel like you are pooing granite pebbles when you do go but the Dulcolax will push it out regardless.
Have you tried a few stomach crunches? Doing those tend to make my bowels move along somewhat.

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